Ubah Hassan Boyfriend: Her Hidden Love Affair with Oliver Dachsel

Ubah Hassan Boyfriend
Ubah Hassan Boyfriend

One of the newest stars on The Real Housewives of New York City is Ubah Hassan. When it comes to her love life, she has been pretty quiet. At the end of the season, the model and businesswoman finally admitted that she had a boyfriend.

During the season, she played herself as a single woman looking for Mr. Right. Who is the man that Ubah Hassan fell in love with? Find out everything you need to know about Oliver Dachsel, her boyfriend.

Ubah Hassan Boyfriend

Ubah Hassan of Real Housewives of New York City was spotted out with her long-term beau, Oliver Dachsel, on Sunday. Dachsel, often known as “Mr. Connecticut,” is the managing director of a financial services firm in New York.

David Craig, Sai’s husband, found out about the reality star’s single status when he questioned her about it. Ubah didn’t go into detail, only saying she’s “fine” with her present romantic status and then presumably showing Sai photos of herself with the unidentified man.

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Oliver Dachsel is a German investment banker

Oliver Dachsel is originally from Germany, where he graduated from the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in 2006. In 2001, he also served in the German military.

He began his banking career with Deutsche Bank in their Frankfurt branch, then transferred to London and finally to New York City in 2011. He is currently a managing director at Jefferies, a worldwide investment bank.

They met through mutual friends

Ubah Hassan and Oliver Dachsel met through friends rather than through a dating app. At the American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala in October 2023, Hassan told people that they had been dating for “over a year” after meeting “through friends.” She said that she wished she had a more interesting story to tell, such as meeting someone on Tinder or Bumble.

They Made Their Red Carpet Debut at the American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala

Ubah Hassan and Oliver Dachsel at the American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala in New York City on October 24, 2023. Image credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

After keeping their relationship under wraps for so long, Hassan and Dachsel eventually stepped out together publicly at the American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala on October 24, 2023, in New York City.

As they held hands, beamed, and gazed lovingly at one another in front of the cameras, the couple appeared beautiful and content. They also attended the afterparty together, where they sat next to each other and chatted with other attendees.

They Are Very Private About Their Relationship

Ubah Hassan has been careful not to reveal too much about her relationship on reality television or social media. She said that because of his job, he is very private, and she respects his wishes.

She also stated that she does not want to comment on how serious their relationship is or whether they want to marry anytime soon. She did, however, divulge that he is from Connecticut, which is why she referred to him as “Mr. Connecticut” on the broadcast.

Additional Information on Ubah Hassan Age, Ethnicity, and Family History

Ubah was born in Somalia on August 27, 1983, and his route to achievement was fraught with difficulties. Ubah was just eight years old when she was forced to flee her war-torn nation for Ethiopia.

Despite the fact that her brothers and parents were able to travel to Canada, the family was forced to spend a year in a homeless shelter before securing permanent housing.

Despite her family’s ups and downs, the woman’s unwavering dedication brought her success. Through determination and hard work, the 39-year-old Somali-Canadian businesswoman has built a successful business for herself!

Ubah Hassan Profession And Career

Ubah, from Canada, began her modeling career after a photographer spotted her in a park. The reality star has been modeling in various capacities since the age of 17.

When she finally decided to relocate to New York City at the age of 26, she was confronted with a plethora of possibilities. Ubah joined Click Model Management in 2007, allowing her to take part in high-profile photoshoots and walk the runway.


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Ubah’s art has appeared in major publications such as Ralph Lauren, Vogue Italia, and Soul Kitchen over the years. Ubah has also worked with Gucci, Polaroid, Macy’s, and Rachel Roy, to name a few. Ubah’s migration to New York provided her with the ideal opportunity to establish her spicy sauce business.

Ubah shared an apartment with seven other models at the time. Ubah gradually began creating the hot sauce to improve the flavor of the boring food she ate as a model. It didn’t take long for the sauce to become a favorite among her friends and acquaintances at dinner gatherings.

Inspired by her mother’s ideals, Ubah quickly widened her skill set and created her hot sauce firm, Ubah Hot, An African Gem. Since its introduction in 2020, the condiment has come to symbolize Ubah’s Somali ancestry and upbringing.

Ubah has been the subject of a documentary short named ‘Ubah!’ in addition to her accomplishments as a model and businesswoman. She also appeared in the Netflix documentary ‘My Unorthodox Life.’Stay tuned to The Current Online for more updates.

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