Is Jennifer Hudson Dating? The Truth Behind Her Romance With Common

Is Jennifer Hudson Dating?
Is Jennifer Hudson Dating?

Fans are quite fascinated by Jennifer Hudson’s personal life, particularly his love connections. They want to know who he is dating. This article has all of the data about his dating life, which will satisfy people who are curious about him.

Is Jennifer Hudson Dating?

Jennifer Hudson and Common have been making news for months because of their rumored romance, but are they dating? The answer is yes, according to the couple, who officially acknowledged their relationship on The Jennifer Hudson Show, where they teased each other and enjoyed lovely moments.

How It All Begin?

Jennifer Hudson and Common met in 2008 when they co-starred in the film “The Secret Life of Bees”. They became friends and worked together on various projects, including the song “Stand Up for Something” for the movie “Marshall” in 2017 and the film “Breathe” in 2023, in which they played husband and wife.

The sparks between them were obvious, but they never admitted to being anything more than friends until they were seen holding hands in New York in November 2023. Since then, they’ve been seen together on a variety of occasions, including attending a Lakers game in Los Angeles and celebrating Hudson’s birthday in Chicago.

How They Confessed Their Love?

Common appeared as a guest on The Jennifer Hudson Show on January 22, 2024, and surprised the host with a bouquet. He then stated that he was seeing “one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met in my life,” who required an EGOT, an Oscar for her first film, and her talk show.

He was alluding to Hudson, who has all of those accomplishments. Hudson also revealed to dating someone she was “very happy” with, but did not give names.

She then asked Common how he felt about their connection, to which he said that it was “a happy place” for him and that he was grateful to God for her.  He also stated that he enjoyed seeing her happy and wanted to express how amazing she was.

How They Keep It Private?

Despite their public confession, Jennifer Hudson and Common remain quite discreet about their love. They do not share photos of each other on social media and do not discuss their personal lives.

They desire to keep their romance low-key while concentrating on their work and children. Hudson has a 14-year-old son named David Jr. from her former relationship with David Otunga, which ended in 2017.

Common has a 24-year-old daughter named Omoye from his former relationship with Kim Jones, which ended in 2005. Hudson and Common are very close to their children and respect each other’s parenting styles.

How They Support Each Other?

Jennifer Hudson and Common are not just lovers but also life and professional partners. They encourage and support each other in their endeavors.

Hudson recently received a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Aretha Franklin in the film “Respect,” and Common thanked her on his Instagram story. Hudson applauded Common on her Instagram story after he launched a new album, “A Beautiful Revolution Pt. 2”.

Jennifer Hudson and Common
Jennifer Hudson and Common

The duo is also passionate about social justice and action. They both performed at the “We Are One” performance for President Joe Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’ inaugurations. They also campaign for a variety of causes, including education, health, and peace.

Jennifer Hudson and Common are an excellent fit, and they appear to be very happy and in love. They have faced numerous trials and losses in their lives, and they have found consolation and strength in one another. They are an inspiration to many people, and we wish them the best.

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