Is Catherine McBroom Pregnant? Separating Fact from Fiction

Is Catherine McBroom Pregnant?
Is Catherine McBroom Pregnant?

Is Catherine McBroom expecting a child? Exploring the life of social media sensation Catherine McBroom, who was born Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz on August 24, 1990, in Montreal, Canada, provides an intriguing peek into her diverse life.

At 32, this Canadian actress has not only appeared in films such as Liln’s Blood, Monday Nights At Seven, and You Can’t Have It, but she has also grabbed the hearts of millions on her joint YouTube channel, ‘ACE,’ with her husband Austin McBroom.

The McBrooms have become digital royalty, garnering a committed fanbase with a stunning 6.8 million Instagram followers and a YouTube channel with a huge 18.5 million subscribers and over four billion views.

However, amid the highs of their online success, speculations of a prospective addition to the McBroom family have began to swirl. Is Catherine McBroom expecting a child? In the following section, we will investigate the rumors and discover the truth.

Is Catherine McBroom Pregnant?

Catherine McBroom is not currently pregnant. It appears that the speculations surrounding Catherine McBroom’s pregnancy are just that: rumors.

Despite the rumors, there is no real evidence or official announcement that she is pregnant. The most recent upload to their ‘ACE’ channel, a Q&A video, was roughly seven months ago, prompting speculation about a possible pregnancy.


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A deeper look at Catherine’s latest Snapchat images reveals no substantial baby belly, and neither she nor Austin have mentioned an impending addition to their family. The pair even stated in their most recent video that they are done having children.

While the internet loves to speculate, it’s important to rely on verified facts, and there is currently no reputable source backing the assumption that Catherine McBroom is pregnant.

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Meet the McBroom Clan: Austin and Catherine’s Trio of Joy!

With three lovely children, Austin and Catherine McBroom create quite the family. The couple has two daughters, Elle and Alaia, whose names inspired the letters ‘A’ and ‘E’ in their successful YouTube channel, ‘ACE.’


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Steel, the McBroom family’s youngest member, was born on June 20, 2020, and gives even more love to their family.

Interestingly, Catherine has developed a close friendship with Kylie Jenner, who even held a gender reveal party for the couple. The McBrooms have a packed house of love and fun!

Break or goodbye? Deciphering ACE Family YouTube Status!

Austin and Catherine, an endearing tandem, made a significant revelation on YouTube in March 2022 through a video titled “The Ace Family QUIT YouTube…,” wherein they declared their intention to discontinue their usage of the platform by the conclusion of 2022.

 An aspiration to further appreciate familial moments and indulge in much-deserved travel experiences. Notwithstanding this sincere declaration, the couple persisted in sharing videos for a period of time.

However, since their most recent video was published on June 10, 2023, the inquiry persists as to whether they are permanently withdrawing from YouTube.

Although the hiatus generates intrigue, the group’s active presence on Instagram implies that a potential return is imminent. Continually monitor for updates from the ACE group.

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