Who Hit Heather Gay On RHOSLC? How Did Heather Gay Eye Get Hurt?

who hit heather gay

What Happened to Heather Gay? When fans saw Heather Gay’s black eye, they wanted to know what had happened. Heather told what happened when she got a black eye. Find out what happened to Heather Gay’s eye here.

Who Hit Heather Gay?

Heather’s black eye hasn’t been explained, so it’s not clear if it happened during a fight. But it looks like the truth will eventually come out.

Meredith Marks hinted that she knew what really happened on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” on December 14. When she was asked about the incident, she joked about being “appointed as Miss Gay’s Counsel.” Meredith also said, “I can’t say anything.” It’s Special.”

Did Jen Shah Hit Heather Gay?

During the Rhoslc episode that aired on December 21 (Season 3, Episode 12), viewers could see black-and-white footage of cast members walking in and out of Heather’s room after a party earlier that same night. The next morning, Heather told her castmates about the black eye.

Heather told coworker Jen Shah, “I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.” “I guess we all know what happened. “I just don’t think it’s something we want to talk about.”

Fellow Bravo personality Heather Barlow thought that she might have been hit by someone. She replied, “Well, maybe someone did, and they don’t want to talk about it.” Later in the episode, Whitney Rose said that she thinks Jen hit Heather, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

How Did Heather Gay Get A Black Eye?

It’s still not clear, to be honest. During the show’s third season preview, the reality star took off her sunglasses to show off a nasty bruise on her left eye. Since then, fans have been waiting for answers, which haven’t come all the way yet. Heather, on the other hand, seemed to explain in a confessional why she was keeping the secret.

“Why don’t you want to discuss it?” “Who Are You Trying To Save?” At the end of the December 21 episode, a producer asked her. Heather answered, “I.”

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