Matthew McGreevy: The Man Behind the Gagging Order

Matthew McGreevy
Matthew McGreevy

Matthew McGreevy is a British actor who has had a contentious and private relationship with TV presenter Phillip Schofield. The relationship, which allegedly began while McGreevy was only 19 years old, has been subject to a gagging order, which bans McGreevy from publicly discussing it.

In this post, we will look at who Matthew McGreevy is, where he is now, how old he is, and what his relationship is with Phillip Schofield.

Who is Matthew McGreevy?

Matthew McGreevy was born in Manchester, England, on March 21, 1996. He had an early interest in performing and entertainment and appeared in a number of TV shows and films as a child and teenager.

Clarent in The Sparticle Mystery, Kieren’s brother in In the Flesh, and Tom in The Mill are some of his famous roles. When McGreevy was 15, he approached famed TV broadcaster Phillip Schofield and requested a position on his show, This Morning.

Matthew McGreevy
Matthew McGreevy

He became a runner and worked on the program for several years before moving on to Emmerdale in 2016. He also worked for ITV as a television production runner, where he was involved in behind-the-scenes areas of television production.

What is the gagging order for Matthew McGreevy?

In 2020, rumors began to circulate that Phillip Schofield and Matthew McGreevy were having an affair. Schofield had been married to a woman for 27 years and had two children. In February 2020, Schofield came out as homosexual but did not disclose the identity of his partner.

His “unwise, but not illegal” relationship with McGreevy, he acknowledged in May 2023, had concluded. A barring order, a legal restriction that restricts the information that can be publicly disclosed or reported regarding a specific matter, was in effect during the relationship.

Matthew McGreevy
Matthew McGreevy

Reportedly issued when McGreevy was between the ages of 19 and 20, the gag order forbade him from discussing or publishing anything related to his relationship with Schofield.

Certain individuals have criticized the restraining order, holding it in contempt for censorship and infringing upon McGreevy’s rights.

The restraining order’s legitimacy and legality have also been called into question by some, on the grounds that it might have been obtained under deceitful or fraudulent conditions. Conversely, the restraining order continues to be enforced, preventing McGreevy from providing his rebuttal.

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Where is Matthew McGreevy now?

Matthew McGreevy’s current location is unknown, as he has kept a low profile since the scandal began. According to some sources, he was working at The Hope and Anchor, a small pub in Cumbria, a few weeks ago, but departed after the claims appeared. Since then, he has made no public appearances or utterances.

The scandal has also had an impact on McGreevy’s acting career, as he has not been cast in any new projects or roles. His most recent acting role was in the 2017 TV program Millie In Between.  He is still under contract with the Curtis Brown Group, a talent agency with headquarters in London, but his future is uncertain.

How old is Matthew McGreevy?

As of 2023, Matthew McGreevy is 27 years old. His birthday is March 21, 1996. He will be 35 years younger than Phillip Schofield, who will be 62 in 2023. His birthday is April 1, 1961.

What is Matthew McGreevy’s relationship with Phillip Schofield?

The connection between Matthew McGreevy and Phillip Schofield is convoluted and contentious. The connection is said to have begun when McGreevy was 19 and Schofield was 54. The relationship was kept hidden for several years before being revealed in the media in 2020. McGreevy was also prohibited from discussing the relationship due to a gagging order.

Schofield called the connection a mistake and a regret and declared that it was finished. He has also stated that he does not wish to share personal data and that he respects McGreevy’s privacy. He has also denied using his position or power to persuade or coerce McGreevy into the relationship.

McGreevy has not commented on the relationship because he is under gag order. He has also kept his views and ideas regarding Schofield and the debate to himself. He has also not acknowledged or refuted the adultery allegations.

Matthew Mcgreevy Net Worth

As of 2023, Matthew McGreevy’s net worth is predicted to be around $100,000. He has made a living from his acting and presenting careers, as well as his job as an ITV production runner.

He also apparently owns a flat in London that Phillip Schofield purchased for him. His exact net worth, however, is unknown and may vary based on his current pursuits and revenue sources. For further information pertaining to this article, please visit our website, The Current Online.

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