Who Is Buddy Matthews Dating Now? Looking At His Real-life Girlfriend & Exes

buddy matthews dating

Matthew Adams is an Australian professional wrestler who goes by the name Buddy Matthews. He is signed to AEW and made his debut for the company on the February 23 episode of Dynamite.

He also used the name Buddy Murphy when he worked for WWE. Back on March 17, 2013, he signed a development deal with the company. Matthews was first sent to NXT, which is where new talent is trained.

Buddy Matthews: Personal Life Details

Adams was going to marry Alexis Kaufman, better known as Alexa Bliss in the wrestling world. It was said that the two broke up in September 2018, but they still talk to each other. 

Adams has done extreme sports like bungee jumping, rock climbing, and swimming with great whales in the past.


 He is a fan of the Carlton Football Club, which is based in his hometown. His WWE ring name is a reference to the former midfielder and small forward Marc Murphy, who played for Carlton.

Are Rhea And Buddy Dating?

WWE and AEW have worked together in a way that doesn’t happen very often. And in the weirdest way possible, which no one saw coming. Rhea Ripley of WWE’s heel faction The Judgment Day is dating AEW’s Buddy Matthews, who is also in a heel faction called House of Black.

Rhea Ripley, who used to be the Raw Women’s Champion, says that she is dating AEW star, Buddy Matthews.

Fans of Rhea Ripley have been playing “love detective” online for a few months, trying to figure out if she is in a relationship or not. But now there’s no need to keep looking because she’s confirmed that she’s dating Buddy Matthews.

When asked on social media what Matthews had that the person who asked the question didn’t, Ripley simply said, “Me.”

After attacking her partner Liv Morgan on the most recent episode of Raw, Rhea Ripley has been showing more of her bad side. The two were wrestling Sasha Banks and Naomi for the Women’s Tag Team Championships when Banks hit Morgan with a Backstabber and took her out of the match. This meant she couldn’t stop Ripley from getting the pinfall, and they lost their chance to win the tag team title.

Naomi and Sasha left the ring to celebrate, and Ripley was upset. She asked Morgan why she wasn’t there to help, and Morgan tried to make her case while crying. But Ripley’s anger got to the point where she hit Liv Morgan, which ended their partnership.

Buddy Matthews made his first appearance in AEW on the February 23 episode of Dynamite. He joined The House of Black and attacked Death Triangle’s PAC and Penta Oscuro as a member of The House of Black. This led to a match on the Revolution Buy-In, where PAC, Penta, and Erick Redbeard lost to Matthews, Black, and Brody King.

Matthews was on the WWE roster for eight years before he joined AEW. During that time, he and Wesley Blake won the NXT Tag Team Championship, and in 2018, he won the Cruiserweight Championship. In 2019, when he was added to the main roster, he teamed up with Seth Rollins. Together, they won the Raw Tag Team Championships before breaking up.

Buddy Matthews and Rhea Ripley together?

She is currently part of a bad team on RAW called The Judgment Day with Finn Balor and Damian Priest. Ripley has been dating Buddy Matthews, who used to be a WWE Superstar, for a while now. The two stars post videos of themselves working out together in the gym from time to time.

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