Sello Maake kaNcube And Wife Reportedly On The Brink Of Divorce!

Maake kaNcube Divorce
Maake kaNcube Divorce

Get ready for some juicy gossip because there are rumors going around that actor Sello Maake kaNcube and his wife might be getting a divorce. People are buzzing with curiosity about what caused this.

Come along as we dig into the details and find out why this could be happening. We’ll uncover everything from the gossip about their relationship to the real reasons behind their marriage. Let’s get into the whole scoop!

Maake kaNcube’s Divorce

It’s been said that famous actor Sello Maake kaNcube and his wife Pearl Mbewe are going through a divorce. News sources report that the former star of The Queen and his wife for the past three years decided to split up last year.

The couple, who got married in 2021, apparently had a big fight because of Maake kaNcube’s ex-partner. This led to the actor asking Mbewe to leave their home in Dube, Soweto.

Maake kaNcube was apparently flirting with someone named Cynthia Hlahla, also known as Lacoste. They used to be in a relationship before. According to Sunday World, Maake kaNcube asked Hlahla about her current relationship status in their text messages. He also supposedly told her that he was thinking about her all the time. However, Hlahla didn’t believe him.

An insider said, “She said he was just pretending to love her, saying she knew he was in love with Pearl. She even asked him to be honest with her and tell her if he wants her to help him leave South Africa for the US instead of lying about having the hots for her.” 

After Maake kaNcube’s wife left, he reportedly tried to fix things by sending a group of people to finalize the lobolo (dowry payment) they still owed. But Mbewe refused his efforts.

Maake kaNcube’s Divorce

When his attempts to reconcile failed, Maake kaNcube sought help from Swanepoel van Zyl Attorneys to file for divorce. The law firm apparently asked for the full payment upfront, which was R25,000.

Maake kaNcube confirmed contacting the law firm in an interview, saying, “I haven’t even paid them yet.” He had been married before in 2015, but his marriage to Palesa Mboweni ended after just eight months.

Since the former couple got married under a community property agreement, the Pretoria High Court ruled in 2022 that they should split their assets equally. Maake KaNcube expressed his frustration on Instagram, saying, “I can’t believe I was married to someone dishonest. People criticized me when I realized my mistake and divorced her after eight months!”

He further stated, “I’m not fighting this matter because I want to bash my ex-wife, I want the truth to be known and maybe I can help the young men who may fall victim to women similar to my ex-wife.”

“For the record, I must categorically and unequivocally state that I don’t think all women behave or do things that my ex-wife did to me. Just be careful and do your independent character assessment before you commit to anyone.”

“The shares don’t even matter to me it’s a matter of principle, this marriage was flawed and based on falsehood to start with, and the misrepresentation by my ex-wife is even too disgusting to mention all the things she did. I mean the woman tried to change her children’s surnames to my name without my knowledge and I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t overheard a telephone conversation between her and her mother.”

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