Did Cheryl Burke Get Plastic Surgery? Cheryl Burke Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures 2022

Cheryl Burke Plastic Surgery
Cheryl Burke Plastic Surgery

Cheryl Burke is an American dancer, model, and TV host. She was born on May 3, 1984. She is best known for being one of the professional dancers on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. She was the first professional woman to win the show and the first professional to win it twice in a row. She’s been a part of 23 seasons. On the NBC show I Can Do That, she came in second. In 2017, she took the place of Abby Lee Miller on Dance Moms.

So, Has Cheryl Burke Had Surgery To Change Her Looks?

Cheryl has been paired with A.J. McLean from the Backstreet Boys for Season 29, and the two are already early favorites to win the mirror ball trophy. But their fancy footwork is not the only thing people talk about. It seems like Cheryl’s looks are being looked at closely.

Cheryl hasn’t talked about the rumors of plastic surgery in a while, but one expert thinks she might have used too many fillers, which is what started all the rumors.

“It looks like she had neurotoxin applied to her forehead and eyes, but I think it was a heavy application, and I think it gave her the look of “heaviness above the brow.” Jennifer Leebow, an aesthetic dermatology ARNP at Skin Theory Studios, told Distractify that she has never treated Cheryl. “When Botox is used too much in the frontalis muscles, it can temporarily make the face droop.”

She also thinks that Cheryl may have used an injectable product, like Sculptura or Radiesse, to keep her already high cheekbones from getting thinner. “She’s beautiful no matter what, and she should tell her doctor to go easy on the Botox,” she said. “Often, less is more.”

Cheryl has in the past said she wouldn’t get surgery. She told Access Hollywood in 2014, “I really haven’t had any plastic surgery.” “When I was a kid, I used to get picked on because I had big ears and big lips. They used to call me monkey face. So my lips have always been big.”

Cheryl’s Newfound Recovery Might Be The Reason Why She Looks So Young.

Cheryl recently came clean and said that she has been sober for two years. Cheryl’s decision to stop drinking was influenced by the fact that her late father also beat alcoholism.

She told People magazine, “I don’t know if it’s genetic, but it definitely runs in the family.” “And I didn’t want to start sliding down that slope.”

She also says that her marriage to Mrs. Doubtfire star Matthew Lawrence, which she did in 2019, has helped her stay sober. Cheryl said, “He is just my rock.” “Without him, I don’t know where I’d be.”

We think Cheryl keeps getting better at dancing and at other things.

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