Soccer Player Josh Cavallo Engaged To His Boyfriend On The Pitch!

Josh Cavallo Engaged
Josh Cavallo Engaged

In a beautiful moment of love and celebration, gay footballer Josh Cavallo has announced his engagement to his partner, Leighton Morrell. This joyful news has touched hearts all over the world, showing the power of love to bring people together. Let’s take a closer look at this heartwarming story and learn more about the inspiring couple behind it.

Josh Cavallo Engaged

Josh Cavallo is engaged to his boyfriend after proposing to him on the soccer field. He is Australia’s first openly gay professional soccer player. This good news was shared on social media by the Adelaide United player who came out in 2021.

He wrote on Instagram on Thursday, “Starting this year with my fiancé. Mr & Mr. Coming soon.”  He then thanked his sports team for always being there for him.

He wrote, “You have provided a safe space in football, one that I never in my dreams thought could ever be possible, and encouraged me to live every day of my life authentically. It felt right to share this special moment on the pitch, where it all started.”

Cavallo was the first openly gay male soccer player in the world’s top leagues when he came out in 2021.

Josh Cavallo Engaged
Josh Cavallo Engaged

According to BBC Sport, Cavallo thanked Adelaide United for their support and talked about the part the A-League club played after he proposed to Morrell. He said that the club gave him “a supportive environment within football.”

Cavallo posted a video on social media in October 2021 in which he talked about his se*uality. He said he was “ready to discuss a personal aspect of my life that I am finally comfortable sharing.”

A number of people on social media have expressed their congratulations. Someone said, “Good for them. Everyone should be able to love and marry whom they want without discrimination.” 

Someone else said, “Massive congrats to Josh. If only the gay premiership footballers felt safe and secure enough to come out too.”

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