Is Sheebah Pregnant? What’s the Buzz About?

Is Sheebah Pregnant?
Is Sheebah Pregnant?

Is Sheebah pregnant? Sheebah Karungi is a well-known Ugandan artist who goes by the names Queen Karma and Sheebah. She’s a singer, dancer, actress, and advocate for women’s rights.

Her acting career began with the role of Shakira in the film “Queen of Katwe.” After leaving the dancing group Obsessions in 2006, she began composing music. Her breakout moment occurred with the publication of the hit song “Ice Cream.”

Sheebah’s first production, “Ice Cream,” a five-track EP, sold well and was popular. She won multiple prizes for it, including Best Female Artist at the HiPipo Music prizes for four years running, from 2015 to 2018.

In addition, she earned the prestigious Artist of the Year title at the HiPipo Music Awards in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Sheebah has achieved phenomenal success in the music industry, garnering her both local and international fame. If you’re intrigued about her popular video and the claims that she’s pregnant, stay reading to learn more!

Is Sheebah Pregnant?

We don’t know for certain whether Sheebah Karungi is pregnant. People are chatting and guessing since there’s a video of her wearing a long dress that appears to reveal a little of a belly.


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Sheebah, once a TNS singer, is 35 years old. She has previously stated that she does not intend to marry since she finds males perplexing, but she like children and aspires to be a mother.

Fans are perplexed since Sheebah has stated unequivocally that she does not want to be in a relationship with a male, but there is speculation that she may be pregnant. This type of situation has already occurred in the music industry, where unexpected pregnancies have surprised everyone.

It’s critical to understand that unless Sheebah herself confirms her pregnancy, all speculation is futile. People want to know more, but it’s critical to respect Sheebah’s privacy and wait for her to respond officially.

Exploring the Flourishing Career of Sheebah Karungi!!

With the Washington-produced song “Kunyenyenza,” Sheebah Karungi started singing on her own in 2010. Following that, she released “Bulikyekola” with KS Alpha and Prince Fahim singing, then “Baliwa” with Coco Finger.

However, Sizzaman’s song “Automatic,” which became popular, was the main change. She collaborated with Sizzaman again on the song “Ice Cream,” which received a lot of attention and positive feedback. Another smash was the song “Twesana.”

Sheebah released her first music collection, “Ice Cream,” in 2014. It had five songs, including the well-known “Ice Cream” and “Jordan.” People appreciated it, and she received the Best Female Artist award at the HiPipo Music Awards in 2014 and 2015. Her following collection, “Nkwatako,” was published shortly after.

Sheebah showcased her music at major events like as the Nkwatako Concert in 2016 and the Omwoyo Concert in 2018, both held at Hotel Africana in Kampala and hosted by her team, Team No Sleep. However, some individuals questioned her vocals at the Omwoyo concert.

Sheebah has her enterprises in addition to singing. She created Sheebah Investments, which owns several businesses in Kampala, including The Red Bar, Red Events (with dancer Cathy Patra), and Sheebah by Natna.

She also possesses substantial assets such as a large house and a boat. Many people now consider Sheebah Karungi to be one of the best female artists, if not the best.

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