Is Hayley Sproull Pregnant? Debunking Pregnancy Rumors!!

Is Hayley Sproull Pregnant?
Is Hayley Sproull Pregnant?

Is Hayley Sproull pregnant? Hayley Jayne Sproull is from New Zealand and enjoys making people laugh. She works in a variety of fields, including acting, scriptwriting, TV show hosting, and radio co-hosting. She learned about drama and performing and holds a degree in Performing Arts.

You might have seen her on popular TV shows including “Funny Girls,” “Jono and Ben at Ten,” and “Educators.” She also writes hilarious scripts for shows like “Jono and Ben” and “7 Days.”

Hayley is more than simply an actor; she also appears on “The Great Kiwi Bake Off” and the New Zealand version of “Have You Been Paying Attention?.” In 2022, she began co-hosting a breakfast show for ZM, a radio station.

She’s not only adept at acting and presenting; she’s also appeared on shows like “Patriot Brains” and even played a spelling game on “Guy Montgomery’s Guy Mont-Spelling Bee.”

People think she’s quite brilliant, and she’s gaining popularity in New Zealand for her comedy and television work. Some people have recently speculated that she may be pregnant, and in this piece, we will try to determine whether this is genuine or a rumour.

Is Hayley Sproull Pregnant?

No, there is no concrete proof or reliable news that Hayley Sproull is planning to have a kid. She has not announced her pregnancy to the public, and no trustworthy news sites are reporting on it.


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Hayley Sproull has revealed that she has polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It is a hormonal issue that can interfere with women’s ability to conceive. PCOS may cause irregular or infrequent menstrual cycles, however this does not imply pregnancy.

Dealing with PCOS can present a variety of issues, including difficulty conceiving, an increased risk of miscarriage or premature birth, diabetes during pregnancy, and high blood pressure.

Hayley Sproull’s Relationship Status Explored!!

Hayley Sproull is not married, but she does have a special someone in her life, Aaron Cortesi. They’ve been in a wonderful, committed relationship for nine years. Hayley, a witty comedian from New Zealand, fell in love with Aaron, a well-known theatre director.

Is Hayley Sproull Pregnant?

They chose to relocate from Wellington to Auckland together and have constructed a home in the bustling city. They also have an adorable rescue cat named Rolly who is now a member of their small family.

Hayley and Aaron have a deep bond and have gone through a lot together. Their commitment to each other demonstrates how much they care about and enjoy their lives together.

Hayley Sproull Height

Hayley Sproull stands 5’10” tall. He is a remarkable actor, comedian, and writer from New Zealand. She continued her interest for play by enrolling in Toi Whakaari, a famous performing arts school in Wellington. In 2011, she earned a Bachelor of Performing Arts in Acting, paving the way for her successful career.

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