Is Kiana Valenciano Engaged? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Is Kiana Valenciano Engaged?
Is Kiana Valenciano Engaged?

Kiana Valenciano is a deep and expressive Filipino R&B singer and songwriter. She was born on December 21, 1992, into a musical family as the daughter of famed Filipino music star Gary Valenciano. Kiana made her independent debut in 2017, debuting with the tracks “Circles” and “Does She Know.” Her distinct singing style and visual expression quickly drew attention, leading to her signing with Tarsier Records in 2018.

She released her debut EP “Grey” on Tarsier Records, which included the track “Caught U,” which garnered an Awit Award nomination. Kiana’s adventure continued in 2019 with the release of her first full-length album, “See Me,” which showcased her abilities as a singer-songwriter. Kiana has secured her name in the music industry through collaborations and performances on international stages, resonating with fans through her beautiful melodies and true talent. In this article, you can read about whether Kiana Valenciano is Engaged or not.

Is Kiana Valenciano Engaged?

Kiana Valenciano is indeed engaged to Sandro. Gary Valenciano’s daughter, Kiana, recently received an engagement ring, as her supportive father announced on Instagram. He posted a snapshot of himself and Kiana in which he expressed his love and happiness for her.

Gary Valenciano also reported having an emotional talk with Kiana before the wedding day. He thanked Kiana’s fiancee, Sandro, and welcomed him into their family. This happy news has gotten the attention of other celebrities, and Kiana’s engagement symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter in her life, following her prior romance with Sam Concepcion.

Kiana Valenciano Boyfriend 2023

Sandro is Kiana Valenciano’s boyfriend. Kiana Valenciano, Gary Valenciano’s daughter, has discovered love with Sandro, and their relationship has recently hit a new milestone with her engagement announcement. This follows the breakup of her previous romance with singer-actor Sam Concepcion in September 2018.

Gary Valenciano expressed his thanks for the young man and his excitement at having him become a member of their family, and the Valenciano family has warmly accepted Sandro into their fold. Kiana’s connection with Sandro represents a significant turning point in her personal path.

Is Kiana Valenciano Engaged?

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Kiana Valenciano Instagram

Kiana Valenciano’s Instagram account, @kianavee, provides a colorful insight into her artistic world. With 649 posts, she has amassed a sizable 295,000 followers while actively connecting with 1,269 profiles herself. Kiana’s self-identification as a “Artist” and use of the pronouns “she/her” reflect her artistic identity.

Her bio, “Curiouser and curiouser,” alludes to her inquisitive and exploring temperament. She specifically mentions the availability of her “DAZED EP,” implying a link to her musical attempts on YouTube. Kiana Valenciano’s Instagram feed is a visual and textual tapestry that provides fans and followers with an intimate connection to her artistic expressions and personal journey. Follow us on our website The Current Online for more updates.

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