Is Markie Martin Pregnant? The NewsNation Anchor Addresses the Rumors

Is Markie Martin Pregnant?
Is Markie Martin Pregnant?

Markie Martin works as a news correspondent and co-anchor of “Morning in America” on NewsNation, a cable news network that covers national and international news.

She is a certified pilot as well as a former pre-med student. Chris McClain, a vice president at commercial real estate firm CBRE, is her husband.

Some of her admirers and watchers have recently wondered if Martin is pregnant after noticing changes in her appearance and attire. Based on her Instagram photos, some suspected that she was expecting twins. Martin, on the other hand, has finally addressed the rumors and set the record straight.

Martin Denies Being Pregnant and Jokes About Her Weight Gain

Martin answered a fan who questioned whether she was pregnant in a video uploaded to her Instagram stories on October 18, 2023. “No, I am not pregnant,” she replied. I’m just overweight. Thank you for inquiring.”


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She then joked that she had gained 15 pounds since starting at NewsNation, blaming it on stress and food. “I’ve been eating my feelings,” she explained. I’ve consumed an excessive amount of pizza, tacos, ice cream, and alcohol. And I haven’t been exercising.

It’s exactly what happens when you do it.”She also stated that she had been hiding her weight gain by wearing baggy clothes and jackets and that she intended to get back in shape soon.

“I’m going to start working out again,” she declared. I’m going to eat healthier again. And perhaps, I’ll be able to drop some of this weight. But I’m not pregnant. “I’m just fat.”

Martin Celebrates Her Second Wedding Anniversary with Her Husband

After dating for ten years, Martin and McClain married on February 3, 2010, in a private ceremony in Telluride, Colorado. They met in college and dated long-distance for the majority of their courtship. McClain proposed to Martin in Seaside, Florida, where she spent her vacations with her family.


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Martin paid tribute to her husband on Instagram on their second wedding anniversary. “Two years ago today, I married my best friend,” she said beside a photo of them kissing on their wedding day.

He is the most generous, supportive, and kind person I have ever met. Every day, he makes me laugh and pushes me to be a better version of myself. He’s my coworker, my adventure friend, and my sweetheart. Chris McClain, I adore you more than words can express. My darling, happy anniversary.”

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Martin Is Not Planning to Have Kids Anytime Soon

Although Martin is not pregnant, she has not ruled out having children in the future. She did, however, state that she is not in a rush to start a family because she is focused on her profession and her husband.

“I love kids and would love to have kids someday,” she remarked. But for the time being, I am content with my life. I adore my job, my hubby, and my puppy. I’m not under any obligation to have children. “I believe it will occur when the time is right.”

She also stated that she admires and respects women who juggle parenthood and work and hopes to be one of them eventually. “I think women are amazing,” she stated. They are capable of accomplishing anything they set their minds to.

They can be wonderful mothers, professionals, leaders, and friends. I admire ladies who manage it all and aspire to be like them eventually. But for the time being, I’m OK with my life as it is.”

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