Chrishell Stause, Star Of Selling Sunset, Says She Still Wants To Be A Mother: ‘i Plan On Adopting’

Selling Sunset Star Chrishell Stause Says She Still Wants to Be a Mom_ 'I Plan on Adopting'
Selling Sunset Star Chrishell Stause Says She Still Wants to Be a Mom_ 'I Plan on Adopting'

In response to a question from a fan wondering if she had changed her mind about wanting children, Chrishell Stause announced that she intends to begin her family through adoption.

Chrishell Stause is still very much considering being a mother.

The 41-year-old star of Selling Sunset on Sunday revealed her wish to have children, writing on her Instagram Story that “I plan on adopting.”

Although it was good news for Stause’s followers, her admission seemed to be motivated by annoyance. It happened after a fan implied that Stause’s relationship stopped her from having children in a remark on a photo of her and Australian musician G Flip that she had shared.

You weren’t interested in having kids, the commentator questioned.

Stause responded on her Instagram Story with, “Please stop asking me this,” implying that other commentators have been responding with additional harsh and critical words. This one at least didn’t contain the vitriol I won’t give a voice to by reposting.

“I realize that people have a certain amount of access to me and my life because of being on Selling Sunset. But I’m sick of hearing this question,” she continued.

Stause notoriously ended her relationship with her partner Jason Oppenheim because they couldn’t agree on having children. Stause has publicly expressed her wish to have children.

After thanking some of her fans “for the love and support” they had shown her, Stause wrote in her post, “I fell in love with a person, it’s not that scandalous.” Love is a lovely thing.

Stause responded to another commenter who questioned whether the initial remark to Stause was intended to be critical in a subsequent post.

It was said on the poster, “I don’t think it was hate.” Because you were so intent on starting your own family and are now saying, “I’m living my best life, leave me alone,” I believe your followers are a little perplexed.

Stause used the remark to elaborate on her separation from Oppenheim. She stated in her letter, “I was wanting to build a family with someone that wanted one as well. And there are two things that don’t align with me if someone doesn’t know if they would ever want to have a child and is not open to adoption.

She said, “Nothing but affection for my past relationship. Just know that everyone involved, including myself, is quite delighted.

Stause originally revealed her relationship with G Flip in May during the Selling Sunset season 5 reunion.

Stause revealed to Vogue in July that she was dating G Flip, 27, and that the two of them “want some different things” in terms of having children. Stause stated that G Flip is currently not where they are in their life.

Stause doesn’t appear to have a problem with it, though. We don’t want to block anything for either person, and we want to give each other love and support in whatever shape it takes, she added. “It truly is simply a super-open, communicative arrangement.” “It feels good to know that we’ll always be in one other’s life. Without them kind of opening my eyes, I never would have realized how open-minded I am.

Stause responded to a question on what she enjoys most about her relationship with G Flip, who is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, by saying, “I suppose my favorite part is just being with G.”

The Netflix celebrity continued, “If you’ve ever had the luxury of being in the same room with them, you’d soon understand what I mean. It’s such a mood-lifting experience. I adore experiencing that never-ending support of simply wanting the other person to be really themselves.

Selling Sunset was renewed by Netflix for two additional seasons in June. The show’s season 6 premiere date has not yet been made public.


Chrishell is what race?

Hospitals are where Stause was born. Her mother split up with her biological father, who is half Japanese and half Spanish, before finding out she was expecting. Her stepfather is Jeff.

Is Selling Sunset’s Chrishell in a committed relationship?

During the Selling Sunset reunion on May 6, 2022, Chrishell Stause admits her romance with G Flip. On the Selling Sunset reunion, Stause acknowledged her relationship with G Flip when moderator France inquired as to whether she had been seeing someone special.

On Selling Sunset, how much money does Chrishell Stause make?

In seasons one through three of Selling Sunset, Stause owned homes valued at $15,789,000, according to research conducted by the marketing firm Evoluted, with a total fee of $539,670. Stause received a commission payment of about $404,752.

Which soap did Chrishell appear in?

Chrishell Stause has appeared on television for more than ten years, yet despite what you might be thinking, Selling Sunset really just premiered this year. Well, prior to her real estate endeavors, she acted in soap operas like Days Of Our Lives, All My Children, and The Young And The Restless.

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