Is Jukebox Pregnant in Real Life? Debunking the Pregnancy Rumors

Is Jukebox Pregnant in Real Life?
Is Jukebox Pregnant in Real Life?

Hailey Kilgore’s Instagram image in March sparked speculation about her pregnancy. Hailey Kilgore is a gifted actress and vocalist who has appeared in Broadway musicals, films, and television series.

She is most known for playing Ti Moune in the revival of Once on This Island, for which she received a Tony Award nomination. She also stars as Jukebox in the Power spin-off series Raising Kanan.

Many people are interested in her personal life, particularly after witnessing her play a teenage mother in Raising Kanan. So, is Hailey Kilgore pregnant? Here is what we know based on the information that is accessible.

Is Jukebox Pregnant in Real Life?

Hailey Kilgore is not expecting a baby. There is no official confirmation or evidence to suggest that she is pregnant. Hailey hasn’t announced her pregnancy on social media, and recent photos don’t reveal a baby bump.

Hailey Kilgore’s pregnancy rumors began in March 2023, when she shared an Instagram photo with the caption “having a baby.” However, she was referring to her new album, not an actual baby.


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Hailey confirmed in a reply that she was “not pregnant” but rather happy about her music project. She’s been working on her first album for a long, posting snippets of her songs to social media.

She worked with performers like as Todrick Hall, Leslie Odom Jr., and Cynthia Erivo. Fans eagerly anticipate the release of her album in 2024 to hear her stunning voice.

People sometimes associate an actor’s on-screen character with their real-life conditions, particularly when the representation is as strong as Hailey Kilgore’s role as Jukebox in Raising Kanan.

In Season 2, Episode 4, Jukebox discloses her pregnancy to Nicole, which surprises her given Jukebox’s hidden affair with Shawn. Despite having no romantic feelings for Shawn, Jukebox decides to raise the child with him and bravely informs her mother, Kenya Pierce, who abandoned her as a toddler, of her pregnancy.

Hailey Kilgore’s Love Life and Personal Life!!

Hailey Kilgore’s love life is not something she discusses openly, and she has not verified whether she is currently dating anyone. There are no photographs or videos of her with a boyfriend or girlfriend on her social media, and she has never mentioned having a relationship in an interview.

Is Jukebox Pregnant in Real Life

Just because she hasn’t publicly discussed this aspect of her life does not imply that she isn’t interested in dating or is single. Hailey may prefer to keep her relationships quiet for the time being, focusing on her professional and personal goals.

She frequently provides cute updates about her dog, Cinnamon, on Twitter and Instagram, demonstrating her affection for her canine companion. Hailey also has a close and loving bond with her adoptive parents, Rebecca and Eric Kilgore, who raised her in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.

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