What Happened To Stella Kidd On Chicago Fire? Is She Leaving Chicago Fire?

what happened to stella on chicago fire

Even though the season 10 finale is approaching, the buzz surrounding Chicago Fire isn’t dying down. Fans of the Nbc show were relieved to see Miranda Rae Mayo’s Stella Kidd, who had been missing for much of the current season, return.

Next, we’ll talk about what happened to Stella Kidd on Chicago Fire and try to figure out when NBC will start Season 10 again.

What Happened To Stella Kidd On Chicago Fire?

Stella hasn’t been on Chicago Fire for a few episodes because her character has been on “furlough leave.”

Stella’s furlough gave her time to work on the Girls on Fire programme, but her absence has been hard on Severide, who has been struggling because she hasn’t been able to talk to her.

Since Stella has been gone, Brett Dalton’s character, Jason Pelham, has been in charge of the truck. This has only made things worse with Severide.

Is She Leaving Chicago Fire?

Derek Haas, the show’s executive producer, told Tv line in November 2021 that there were always plans to bring Stella back to the show. When Chicago Fire teased Stella’s return before they went on hiatus, he kept his promise during the show’s 10th season winter finale.

Stella made a small appearance in the Winter Finale. She surprised Severide at their apartment. When she went back to 51 in January 2022 for the winter premiere, the sweet reunion kept going.

Stella had to explain her disappearance, which wasn’t a big surprise. Fans weren’t sure for a while if she was back for good or if she was going to leave her team again. In another interview with TV Line in December 2021, Derek said that the character wouldn’t be leaving the show any time soon.

“Yes, she’s back for good, but she has a lot to explain,” he said before the winter premiere. He continued, “Stella Kidd’s return to Firehouse 51 and all of its repercussions will be the driving force behind the next batch of episodes.”

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