Is Jessica Tarlov Pregnant? The Truth About Pregnancy Rumors

Is Jessica Tarlov Pregnant?
Is Jessica Tarlov Pregnant?

Is Jessica Tarlov expecting a child? Jessica Tarlov, a co-host and political analyst, works for Bustle, a large women’s website. She works as the Senior Director of Research and Consumer Insight.

She must understand what people want and ensure that the website contains the appropriate information for its broad audience. Jessica excels in her job, and her contributions help Bustle remain popular and useful to women.

It’s no wonder that her curiosity extends beyond her professional life, as she is regularly in the public eye owing to her vocal views on Trump.

Recently, there has been a lot of speculation about a personal matter: Is Jessica Tarlov pregnant? Explore this page to learn the truth behind the latest rumors concerning her pregnant status.

Is Jessica Tarlov Pregnant?

There hasn’t been any word on whether Jessica Tarlov is pregnant. But something remarkable happened in 2021 on Fox News’ “The Five.” One of the hosts, Dana Perino, tried in jest to get Jessica Tarlov to reveal some shocking news.

They were discussing new things they had tried throughout the pandemic. “Jessica, do you try anything new?” Jesse Watters asked. I mean, you’ve got something new on the way. “Yeah, and now the audience knows.

Is Jessica Tarlov Pregnant?

Dana Perino then turned to Jessica Tarlov and inquired if she had tried anything new, implying that something new was about to happen in her life.

The question stunned Jessica Tarlov, and her co-hosts laughed. But then she mustered the guts to share the secret. She stated:

“Yeah, and now the audience knows. So, I’m pregnant.” 

Because they were receiving this unexpected news, everyone in the room was filled with delight, laughter, and curiosity. But, in terms of her current pregnancy state, she is not anticipating a bundle of joy right now.

Jessica Tarlov Husband

In 2021, Jessica Tarlov married Brian McKenna. She was born on March 9, 1984, and is well-known in the political and consulting worlds. Even at the age of 39, she has accomplished much and is well-regarded in her area.

Jessica is skilled at what she does. She is a political strategist, analyst, and consultant, and her knowledge and expertise are in high demand. Her career demonstrates her dedication to studying and affecting politics.

Jessica Tarlov, who was born in 1984, is still relatively youthful, which works in her favor. It allows her to engage with younger people and better understand their political ideas and hopes.

Jessica Tarlov and her husband welcomed their first child into the world. On December 11, 2021, the attractive Fox News actress gave birth to a beautiful girl named Cleo Markie McKenna, whom she shared with her husband, Brian McKenna.

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