Is Joanna Page Pregnant? Expecting or Rumor!!

Is Joanna Page Pregnant?
Is Joanna Page Pregnant?

Is Joanna Page expecting a child? The skilled Welsh actress and presenter Joanna Page has captivated audiences with her various performances, most notably as Stacey Shipman in the renowned television series Gavin & Stacey.

Her portrayals of Dora Spenlow in the 1999 version of David Copperfield and the endearing Just Judy in the romantic film Love Actually serve as proof that her talent extends beyond the small screen.

She currently co-hosts the BBC One consumer series Shop Well for Less with Melanie Sykes and has just joined the Loose Women group as a regular panelist since 2023.

With the release of her latest production, Men Up, on BBC One, the emphasis has shifted to Joanna Page, with speculations of her pregnancy swirling.

This article investigates the reality behind the rumors, attempting to solve the enigma surrounding Joanna Page’s pregnancy status.

Is Joanna Page Pregnant?

Joanna Page is not expecting a child. There is no formal information regarding Joanna Page’s pregnancy on her social media profiles or the internet. As a result, we can be positive that Page’s pregnancy rumors are false.


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Page and her husband, James Thornton, have four children. James used to be an Emmerdale actor. James and Joanna married in 2003. Joanna and her husband, James Thornton, have four children: two daughters, Eva and Boe, and two sons, Kit and Noah.

Joanna and James had their youngest son in December 2016, and they shared images of him on social media at the time. She and her husband, James, announced their fourth child’s pregnancy in August 2021.

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Joanna Page Discusses Her Life After Having Her Fourth Child

Joanna Page has admitted that she later regretted her “impulsive” decision to get her tubes cut to have more children. She opted to have the surgery after the birth of her fourth kid.

However, after making the decision, the actress regretted it and wished for another child. Joanna admits she would want to have a fifth child, but she believes it would be unfair to her other children and that she is too old. In an interview with Woman & Home magazine, Joanna stated her thoughts on having a fifth child:

“When I was having my third, my obstetrician asked me about contraception plans and I said, ‘I’m having a baby, I’ll probably not have sex forever’. After Boe, the same obstetrician asked again and I’m quite impulsive so I said, ‘OK, you can cut my tubes’.”

Page added: 

“Then, last month, as soon as I had my first period, I thought, ‘What a waste! I want another baby’. Deep down, I know that should be it. I’m too old now and it’s not fair on the others, but it’s the finality.”

Her husband, James, has also declared that he is opposed to having the therapy reversed. Female sterilization, according to the NHS, is a technique that effectively eliminates pregnancy.

The fallopian tubes are closed or sealed with 99% success to prevent the eggs from meeting the sperm and fertilizing. It is, however, difficult to reverse, and NHS funding for such surgeries is scarce.

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