How Old is Shelby Shubble? Everything You Need to Know About the Popular Streamer

How Old is Shelby Shubble
How Old is Shelby Shubble

Shelby Shubble is a popular American streamer and game YouTuber with more than 1.3 million subscribers on her main channel.

She is also noted for her high-pitched voice, upbeat personality, and love of gaming. But, how old is Shelby Shubble? And what else is there to learn about her? In this essay, we’ll answer these and other questions.

How Old is Shelby Shubble?

Shelby Shubble is almost thirty years old.

Early Life and Career

Shelby Shubble was born on August 20, 1993, in Tampa, Florida, United States. Her sister, Katie Colmenares, is also a YouTuber. She began her YouTube career in 2007 with the username lilshortysgs but changed it to Shubble in 2015.

She is well-known for her ‘paper crown’, which appears in a number of her icons, including her Minecraft skin. Shelby Shubble primarily uploads gaming videos, particularly Minecraft, although she also plays games like Among Us, Stardew Valley, and The Sims.

She is also a member of various Minecraft servers and series, including One Life, Harmony Hollow, X Life, Empires, and Afterlife. She frequently collaborates with other YouTubers and broadcasters, such as Wilbur Soot and Dream.

Shelby Shubble also has two other channels: Shubble Live, where she uploads livestreams, and Shelby Grace, where she posts vlogs and non-gaming stuff. She also has a TikTok account, where she shares short movies and clips.


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Shelby Shubble Net Worth and Income Sources

Shelby Shubble’s net worth is expected to range between $1 million and $3 million by 2024, according to many sources. Her primary source of income is her YouTube channel, which generates revenue through advertisements, sponsorships, and memberships.

Shelby Shubble Net Worth

She also makes money through her Twitch streams, where she has over 600,000 followers and accepts contributions, bits, and subscriptions. She also offers her goods, including hoodies, t-shirts, stickers, and mugs.

Shelby Shubble leads a wealthy and luxurious lifestyle, having a mansion in Los Angeles and multiple cars. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and playing golf.

Shelby Shubble Personal Life and Relationships

Shelby Shubble is known as a reserved person who does not reveal much about her personal life to the media. She has never been married and has no children. She has previously dated several people, including Wilbur Soot, a British musician and streamer, and Ross, a fellow YouTuber and friend.

However, she is currently single and focused on her job. Shelby Shubble is close to her family and friends, who describe her as a caring and compassionate person. She is also incredibly supportive of her followers and frequently engages with them via social media sites. She is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, identifying as bisexual.

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Shelby Shubble Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Shelby Shubble’s real name is Shelby Grace.
  • Shelby Shubble’s zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Shelby Shubble’s favorite animal is a panda.
  • Shelby Shubble’s height is 5 feet 4 inches.

Final Line

Shelby Shubble is a successful gaming YouTuber with many fans. She’s nice and cheerful and loves games and fun. In 2024, she was 30 and valued at $2 million. She lives in LA alone. She supports LGBTQ+ rights and is proudly bisexual. She inspires many to follow their ambitions.

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