Carla Crummie Age: How Old is Tony Evans’ New Wife?

Carla Crummie Age
Carla Crummie Age

Carla Crummie is the new wife of Tony Evans, the pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, TX. The couple married in a private ceremony in December 2023, four years after Evans’ first wife, Lois Evans, died.

But, how old is Carla Crummie, and what is her background? In this post, we will look at Carla Crummie’s age, biography, education, career, and more.

Carla Crummie Age

Carla Crummie was born between 1963 and 1973, making her approximately 50 to 60 years old as of 2024. She is of mixed ancestry and possesses American nationality.She has black hair and black eyes, measures 5 feet 6 inches tall, and weighs around 65 kilograms.

Carla Crummie Biography

Carla Crummie is a Christian woman who has spent her life helping God and others. She is a doctor, but her particular field of specialization is unknown. She is also a lecturer, author, and mentor, having written numerous books and articles on faith, leadership, and personal growth.

Carla Crummie was married to Robert Crummie, a minister and friend of Tony Evans. They had a wonderful marriage until Robert died in 2019, on their way to Lois Evans’ burial. Carla and Tony expressed their pain and excitement during a church service in September 2020, when they announced their engagement.

In December 2023, relatives and close friends joined Carla Crummie and Tony Evans in a private ceremony. With the help of their church family’s prayers, faith, and love, they are eager to continue serving the Lord together.

Carla Crummie Education and Career

Carla Crummie has a high degree of education because she is a doctor and an author. However, information about her educational history and job is not publicly available.

She hasn’t said where she went to school, what degree she has, or what type of doctor she is. She has also not revealed the name of her workplace or the nature of her job.

Carla Crummie and Tony Evans Relationship

Carla Crummie and Tony Evans have a great relationship built on their love for God and one another. They met through a mutual friend, Robert Crummie, Carla’s husband and Tony’s colleague.


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They became friends and supported one another after losing their marriages in 2019. They announced their engagement in September 2020, during a birthday celebration at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship.

They stated that God had brought them together in His sovereignty, and they were thankful for His grace and mercy. They also requested the prayers of their church family as they entered a new chapter in their lives.

At a private ceremony in December 2023, their family and close friends were present. They expressed their joy in celebrating their marriage and the Christmas season, as well as their eagerness to serve the Lord together.

They also expressed gratitude for their memories and blessings, as well as honoring the legacy of their late spouses, Lois and Robert. Carla Crummie and Tony Evans are a couple who inspire others with their faith, love, and joy.

They are a monument to God’s goodness and faithfulness, as well as a reminder that He has the power to transform grief into dancing and sadness into joy. They are a blessing to each other and the world.

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