Florida Rapper Rod Wave Arrested On Weapons Charges!

Florida Rapper Rod Wave Arrested
Florida Rapper Rod Wave Arrested

Attention music fans! A recent development has caught the spotlight as Florida rapper Rod Wave finds himself in hot water, facing weapons charges. Join us as we delve into the details of this unexpected turn of events surrounding the talented artist. Let’s explore what’s been happening in the world of Rod Wave.

Florida Rapper Rod Wave Arrested

According to arrest records, Rod Wave was detained on two counts of unlawfully possessing a firearm or ammunition in Manatee County, Florida on Wednesday, April 3.

Following the arrest, the St. Petersburg Police Department held a news conference and said that Rod, real name Rodarius Marcell Green, was involved in a gang-related shooting in Florida that injured four witnesses outside of the Sonic Sports Bar in St. Petersburg.

Following the discovery of sixty shell casings of weapons at the scene of the attack, St. Petersburg Police Chief Mike Kovacsev revealed that three of the attackers—Christopher Atkins, Keith Westby, and Kevontre Wesby—are purportedly linked with the Young Gangsters gang and that two more are currently being detained.

Florida Rapper Rod Wave Arrested
Florida Rapper Rod Wave Arrested

Kovacsev asserted that Rod was the registered owner of the getaway car used in the shooting and that the singer of “Heart On Ice” was also the registered owner of the Palm Avenue home where the group sought shelter.

Kovacsev said, “The vehicle they fled in was registered to Green. They also fled back to a residence at 500 Palm Avenue North … That residence was rented by [Green] as well. We executed a search warrant at that location on Monday night and we recovered two assault rifles, two pounds of marijuana, and a great deal of evidence we’re going to utilize the case going forward.”

After learning that Rod was renting “another residence” in Palm Meadow, police reset their investigation there and carried out a search warrant. Undercover investigators and the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office caught subjects who were leaving the residence on weapons-related offenses.

Kovacsev continued, “We are hopeful and anticipate potentially other evidence to be taken out of the vehicles as we do search warrants over the next couple of days. We went and had the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office execute that warrant and we located a number of other assault rifles and a handgun inside that residence.”

Money and jewelry were taken into custody in addition to the firearms, according to the police chief. There may be more charges coming in connection with the shooting and drugs.

Rod’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, fiercely denies the allegations that he is a convicted felon related to his gun ownership. Cohen also disputes Wave’s involvement in the shooting.

In a joint statement posted on Cohen’s Instagram, Cohen, and Mark Rankin, another of Rod’s attorneys, stated that the judge had decided that the Florida singer was freed on Wednesday because the evidence did not support the allegations.

Cohen captioned the Instagram post featuring a photo of Rod, “Rod was arrested and detained with absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing. The police claimed he was a felon in possession of ammunition. Not only was he not in possession of ammunition, but a basic check of public records would have easily demonstrated to the police that he was not a convicted felon. The prosecutor and the judge immediately agreed that the evidence did not support the charge and set him free the same day.”

In May 2022, Rod got arrested in his hometown, St. Petersburg, on a serious charge called “battery by strangulation.” But the charge was dropped a few weeks later. The arrest happened because of something that happened in April 2022. Rod’s ex-girlfriend said he came into her house and choked her, according to the papers the police had.

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