Eric Mays: Who is the Flint City Councilman?

Eric Mays
Eric Mays

Eric Mays is a politician and social activist who has served as Flint City Councilman for the first ward since 2013. He is recognized for his outspoken and provocative approach, as well as his involvement in several judicial cases. Here are some details regarding Eric Mays’ personal and professional life.

Eric Mays Early Life and Education

Eric Mays was born July 8, 1958, in Flint, Michigan. He is the son of the late pastor, Louis H. Mays, and Rosie B. Mays. His son, Eric Mays Jr., is also a comedian and writer.

Eric Mays graduated from Flint Northern High School in 1976 and then went to Michigan State University, where he got a bachelor’s degree in political science and pre-law in 1981. He was also a part of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity and the Black Student Alliance.

Eric Mays Career and Activism

Eric Mays worked for General Motors and the United Auto Workers (UAW) for 18 years before being put off in 2006. He thereafter became a full-time activist and community organizer, working on topics such as civil rights, labor rights, environmental justice, and public health.

Eric Mays ran unsuccessfully for mayor, state representative, and county commissioner before winning a position on the Flint City Council’s first ward in 2013. He was re-elected in 2017 and 2021, despite numerous legal challenges and controversy.

Eric Mays

Eric Mays has been a prominent critic of the state and federal government’s response to the Flint water disaster, which exposed thousands of citizens to lead-contaminated water. He has called for holding the state accountable and giving additional resources and compensation to affected residents.

He has also disagreed with other city officials, including the mayor, the city attorney, and his fellow council members, on matters such as the city budget, water contracts, and council rules.

Eric Mays Legal Troubles and Controversies

Eric Mays has been involved in numerous legal troubles and controversies throughout his career. Some of the most notable ones are:

  • In 2014, he was detained for disruptive conduct and obstructing police after refusing to stop speaking at a council meeting and resisting police removal. He was found guilty and fined $200.
  • In 2014, he was detained for disruptive conduct and obstructing police after refusing to stop speaking at a council meeting and resisting police removal. He was found guilty and fined $200.

Eric Mays Height, Weight, Net Worth, and Salary

Eric Mays stands 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs approximately 200 pounds. Eric Mays has an estimated net worth of $100 million. Eric Mays made much of his money from various businesses and investments. He is also a philanthropist.

He lives a privileged life. He holds property in several cities. He enjoys attending luxury events and does so regularly.  He has also made stakes in many companies. He is a successful businessman, as Forbes, Fortune, and other publications affirm.

He’s developed a reputation as a technology guru. Many aspiring entrepreneurs look to Eric Mays as an example of how effort and initiative can pay off. He has a track record of successful investing and is actively involved in guiding the careers of tomorrow’s business leaders.

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