Darren Kent Illness: Is He Suffering From Any Disease

Darren Kent Illness
Darren Kent Illness

On August 11, 2023, at the age of 36, Darren Kent passed away. Kent starred as a goatherd in the popular fantasy series Game of Thrones. Post, he had a number of health issues, including osteoporosis and arthritis.

He also has an uncommon skin condition. According to People, although details on the skin ailment are not available, it was comparable to what his character suffered from in Sunny Boy. However, the cause of death for Darren has yet to be revealed. Talent agency, Carey Dodd Associates said that Kent’s friends and family members were by his side at the time of death. A Facebook post by the agency states that he was one of the kindest people ever.

Darren Kent Was Diagnosed With A Number Of Health Issues

Over the years, Darren Kent struggled with a wide variety of health problems. According to The Sun, Kent was diagnosed with osteoporosis, arthritis, and a rare skin ailment during his lifetime. There is no evidence to support the hypothesis that the man’s health problems led to his untimely passing.

According to the Mayo Clinic, osteoporosis is a disease that causes the bones to become fragile and weak. This condition arises when the body is unable to compensate for the loss of an older bone through the development of a new bone. It is common in both men and women and can be avoided by taking medications, maintaining a nutritious diet, and engaging in exercises that require weight-bearing.

Several variables can increase an individual’s likelihood of developing osteoporosis, including their age, race, medical history, and body frame size. As a result of an accident, various complications can arise, such as bone fractures in the spine or hip, and the risk of passing away is also raised as a direct consequence of the incident.

According to the Mayo Clinic, arthritis, on the other hand, can cause swelling and discomfort in the joints. Arthritis is characterized by a constellation of symptoms, some of which include pain, stiffness, edema, and redness. Arthritis can cause difficulties in the hands or arms, which can have a negative effect on the regular functioning of those areas of the body.

Darren Kent Illness

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Darren Kent Appeared In Many Movies And TV Shows

Darren Kent received his education at Italia Conti after finishing his schooling in Essex, Kent, where he had spent his childhood. Mirrors, a supernatural horror movie released in 2008, was his debut performance in a film. In addition, he had a role in the television series Game of Thrones, in which he played a goatherd and became a well-known face. Following the death of the goatherd’s daughter Zalla at the hands of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon, the goatherd made an appearance in a subsequent episode. As he approaches Targaryen, he is holding the lifeless body of his daughter in his hand.

Marshal’s Law and Les Miserables are only two examples of the many films and television shows in which he has appeared. The fantasy heist comedy film Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, which was released in March 2023, was the last movie in which he appeared before retiring from the entertainment industry. Follow us The Current Online for more updates.

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