Who Is Dani Alves Wife Joana Sanz? Her Reaction On Dani Arrest?

Dani Alves wife

Dani Alves : Dani Alves is a right-back from Brazil. He was born in Juazeiro on May 6, 1983. He is a great fullback who is great at attacking and has great passing and shooting skills. From 2008 to 2016, he played for the Catalans a total of 247 times. Dani Alves has won 42 trophies in his career, 23 of which were for Barcelona.

He has also won the Champions League three times and the U-20 World Cup. Dani Alves came back to Barcelona in 2021 after playing for Sevilla, Juventus, PSG, and Sao Paulo. His wealth of experience and love for Barcelona are great assets for the club and the young people of Barcelona.  Lets Talk About His Wife.

Who Is Dani Alves Wife Joana Sanz?

In July 2017, Dani Alves got married to his longtime girlfriend Joana Sanz in Ibiza, Spain. She is a Spanish model who has 727k followers and works with many big fashion designers.

Joana Sanz is a Spanish model who was born on September 6, 1993. She first went to college to study psychology. She quit college and decided to spend her time learning how to be a better model. Joana is close with a lot of well-known people in the fashion industry.

She has worked with well-known brands like Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Rosa Clara, and many more.

What Joana Sanz Say On Dani Alves Arrest?

The Brazil player was arrested in Barcelona on Friday. He had flown there from Mexico because his mother-in-law had died. Alves is now sleeping at Brians I Prison, which is a 35-minute drive north-west of the Catalan capital.

He was fired by Mexican club Pumas after being arrested by a Spanish judge who was investigating him for an alleged sexual assault. The football player’s spokesperson confirmed that he “vehemently denies” the claims.

Sanz sent a message to the media through her Instagram account, asking them to give her some space. She also said that, in addition to what happened with Alves, she had just lost her mother the week before.

“I’d like the media outside my house to respect my privacy right now.” The influencer said, “My mother died a week ago, and I’ve just started to accept that she’s gone.” “Why would you bother me about my husband’s situation?”

“I’ve lost the two most important things in my life. Have a little empathy and stop looking for news at the expense of other people’s pain. She added, “Thank you.”

After Her Husband’s Arrest, Joana Sanz Shows Her Support For Him

When the news came out that Alves had been arrested and that a judge had decided he should be locked up without bail for sexual assault, his wife spoke up right away to show her support and love for her husband and to say that she knew him very well.

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