In New Photos, Kendall Jenner Displays A Massive “Scorpion Butt Tattoo.”

kendall jenner tattoo
kendall jenner tattoo

Kendall Jenner, the supermodel and reality television star, raised eyebrows earlier this week when she appeared to display a massive scorpion tattoo’ on her behind in a new photograph.

Despite dating tattooed men like Travis Barker, Pete Davidson, and Travis Scott, the Kardashian/Jenner sisters don’t have any recognized tattoos, so Kendall’s bold choice surely drew their eyes.

The photograph was taken as part of a new set for Pop magazine’s 45th issue by photographer Stevie Dance. Jenner posted the photograph earlier this week as part of a set on Instagram.

In the ‘tattoo’ photo, Jenner is dressed casually and sitting in an awkward position on a chair, allowing us to see the artwork on her bottom. The Kardashians star captioned the photo, “We get it, you’re a Scorpio,” referring to her astrological sign.

As you may expect, it’s not a real tattoo.

Dance disclosed the ruse when he posted the photo on his own Instagram page and revealed that the scorpion was painted by make-up artist Fara Hamidi.

“When @stevie dance asks you to hand paint a scorpion and do it quickly…you just go go go,” Dance posted.

“LU, thanks for this moment S, and for your generosity @kendalljenner,” Hamidi wrote in response to the post.

Jenner has been modeling since she was a youngster, and she recently admitted that she didn’t mind wearing a translucent top and exposing her nipples during her first-ever catwalk show for Marc Jacobs when she was only 18 years old.

Vogue quoted her as stating: “I had just turned 18 when I got a phone from my agency saying Marc wants to put me in this sheer top, and I was like, ‘I’m game.'”

She continued, saying: “Even though my boobies were out, I was very relaxed. I don’t mind; I’m fine with the nipple. So it didn’t make me nervous anymore. I was truly thinking, ‘Dope, anything they want.’ Let’s do it since it’s their vision.’ “I was entirely at ease.”


Is Kendall Jenner sporting a Scorpio tattoo?

Kendall Jenner sported a massive scorpion tattoo in celebration of her zodiac sign in a Pop magazine photoshoot. Kendall Jenner is getting ready for Scorpio season by getting a large scorpion tattoo on her buttocks.

Kendall Jenner is a Scorpio.

She’s a Scorpio, of course. Kendall Jenner is very conscious of her astrological sign. On September 29, the 26-year-old Scorpio debuted a big scorpion symbolizing her star sign on her derriere.

What was the first tattoo Kendall Jenner got?

white splotch
Jenner’s first tattoo was a little white dot on her right middle finger, done by renowned tattoo artist JonBoy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jenner accompanied Hailey Bieber to a tattoo parlor in New York City in June 2015, where Bieber got a little “g” tattoo behind her left ear.

What message does Kendall Jenner’s tattoo convey?

In New Photos, Kendall Jenner Shows Off A Massive “Scorpion Butt Tattoo.”
Jenner, Kendall — The Hearts

Kendall has two white tattoos on her middle fingers. “The one on my right hand represents an angel, and the one on my left represents the devil,” she stated on her now-defunct app.

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