Russian Oil Company’s Ceo Dies After Falling Out Of A Hospital Window

Russian Oil Company’s Ceo Dies
Russian Oil Company’s Ceo Dies
  • Two accounts claim an oil executive died after falling out of a window.
  • According to the company, he passed away following a serious illness.
  • The most recent in a string of unexpected fatalities
  • The production of this material took place in Russia, where it is illegal to report Russian military operations in Ukraine.

Months after his business criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a prominent Russian oil executive died after falling from a hospital window in Moscow.

According to a source cited by the Interfax news agency on Thursday, Ravil Maganov, the chair of the board of directors of Lukoil, the largest private oil business in Russia, “fell from a window at Central clinical hospital.” “He died as a result of his wounds.”

Magano “died away following a severe illness,” according to Lukoil. The treatment Maganov was receiving was not disclosed by the company.

It wasn’t immediately obvious whether his demise was due to an accident, a suicide, or malicious intent. According to unnamed sources cited by Russian official media, Maganov was taken to the hospital with a cardiac ailment and was taking antidepressants.

He might have fallen from a balcony while smoking, according to Baza, a Russian news outlet with connections to the police, and no CCTV was accessible because cameras had been switched off for maintenance.

According to a source in Russia’s security services who described Maganov’s death as a “suicide,” the state-run news agency Tass reported on Thursday that Maganov had committed suicide. The Guardian was unable to confirm that version of events right away.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, six businessmen with ties to the Russian energy sector have passed away in apparent suicides or under unexplained circumstances. None of the fatalities have been labeled as homicides.

Maganov’s passing has drawn attention since, unusually among Russian energy firms, Lukoil officially criticized the invasion of Ukraine barely one week after Vladimir Putin proclaimed the start of Moscow’s “special military operation.”

The board of directors of Lukoil declared, “Calling for the quickest end to the armed conflict, we express our profound condolences for all victims who are affected by this tragedy.” We firmly believe that problems should be resolved via serious negotiations and diplomacy.

Magano was a well-known representative of Russian commercial society. He was good friends with Vagit Alekperov, a founding member of Lukoil and a former Soviet oil minister who resigned as CEO immediately after the UK and EU slapped sanctions on him.

Prior to being appointed chair of the company’s board of directors in 2020, Maganov had worked for Lukoil since 1993, managing the departments responsible for exploration and refining.

In May, the body of a former senior Lukoil executive was discovered in the basement of a house in a Moscow suburb. According to Russian press reports, the home belonged to a purifying rights practitioner who identified as a shaman. Heart failure was found to be the preliminary cause of death, according to the investigators.

The incident happened on the same day that Vladimir Putin paid his condolences to Mikhail Gorbachev, the final president of the Soviet Union, at the hospital.


Who purchases the most oil from Russia?

China received Russian crude oil exports of roughly 23.8 billion dollars in 2020, which was the greatest amount of any other country’s imports of this product. The second and third biggest markets for Russian crude oil exports were the Netherlands and Germany, respectively.

Who continues to purchase Russian oil?

Only China exceeded them as the greatest importer, followed by EU and NATO countries Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. With daily purchases of roughly 2 million barrels of cheap Russian oil in May, up 55% from the same month last year, China surpassed Germany as the world’s largest importer.

Is Valero a business in Russia?

A Fortune 500 company that produces and markets power, various petrochemical products, and transportation fuels worldwide is Valero Energy Corporation. Its main office is in the American city of San Antonio, Texas.

Chevron is it in Russia?

The invasion of Ukraine had the least impact on Chevron (CVX), which had no sizable operations there. However, BP, Shell, and Exxon all announced their plans to leave the country, and oilfield services companies Halliburton, Baker Hughes, and Schlumberger announced they would stop making new investments there.

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