Oklahoma Tornado: Tornadoes In Texas And Oklahoma Claim 1 Life And Injure Hundreds!

Tornadoes In Texas And Oklahoma Claim 1 Life And Injure Hundreds!
Tornadoes In Texas And Oklahoma Claim 1 Life And Injure Hundreds!

Oklahoma Tornado:   Tornadoes ripped over Oklahoma and adjacent Texas, killing at least one person and leaving dozens of homes in rubble and many people trapped. Tornadoes on Friday leveled a church, a restaurant, and a medical center in the hamlet of Idabel in McCurtain County, Oklahoma. No less than one death has been confirmed by authorities in that county.

Tornadoes In Texas And Oklahoma Claim 1 Life And Injure Hundreds!

1 dead, dozens hurt as tornadoes hit Texas and Oklahoma - GulfToday

Meanwhile, in Lamar County, Texas, 50 homes were reported damaged or destroyed, and at least 24 people were hurt, 2 of them critically.

State emergency officials have reported that the Idabel area in McCurtain County has been affected the hardest by the storms, therefore Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has ordered search and rescue teams and generators to be dispatched there.

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Stitt tweeted, “Praying for Oklahomans affected by today’s tornadoes.”

Pictures showed that the storm had completely destroyed the Trinity Church and the Kiamichi Family Medical Center in Idabel. Oklahoma Emergency Management Office spokesperson Keli Cain reported that at least three additional counties were affected by the storms, with flash flooding reported in certain locations.

On Friday, the National Weather Service issued multiple tornado warnings from the Dallas-Fort Worth area to Oklahoma. After that, the storm system moved into Louisiana and Arkansas.

Powderly, located approximately 45 miles (72 kilometers) west of Idabel and about 120 miles (193 kilometers) northeast of Dallas, was one of the most impacted communities in Texas.

Powderly is located in Lamar County, and Judge Brandon Bell, the top elected official in the county, has declared it a disaster zone. This is a necessary step in the process of obtaining federal aid and funds. According to Bell’s report, a confirmed tornado injured at least two dozen individuals across the county.

In a press release, the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Management stated that ten persons had been hurt and two of them were in critical condition after being treated at a local hospital. At the time the announcement was made, the government said no fatalities had been reported.

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Shortly after 4 p.m., the Sheriff’s Office reported, a tornado touched down and moved north-northeast through the towns of Hopewell, Caviness, Beaver Creek, and Powderly. They estimated that fifty houses had been demolished or severely damaged.

Chief Randi Johnson of the Powderly Volunteer Fire Department told The Paris News that she was unaware of any fatalities but did know of injuries.

“The community got together, and it’s going to take a long time to get this cleaned up,” Johnson added. “It’s incredibly sad to witness.” A number of churches took in evacuees when the storms destroyed their homes.

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