Who Was Nick De Noia? What Was His Cause Of Death?

Nick De Noia was one of the extraordinarily talented people who won two Emmys. He was best known for his choreography skills and his ability to direct and write with a lot of voice. He was a great example of a man of honour with a lot of talent.

Who Was Nick De Noia?

He was the director, writer, and choreographer for Unicorn Tales, a series of eight musical short films for children that won him two Emmy Awards. He was married to actress, model, and activist Jennifer O’Neill for about a year.

Nick De Noia

What Happened To Nick De Noia?

The Los Angeles Times says that Nick was shot in the face in his office on April 7, 1987. For a long time, no one knew who the killer was. But after Steve tried to buy Nick’s tour rights back from the De Noia family for $1 million, more clues came to light.

In 1991, a person calling themselves “strawberry” called the FBI in Las Vegas and said that Augustin Ralph Angel “Ray” Colon had hired him to kill employees of Adonis, a rival dance group started by former Chippendales dancers in England, according to ABC 7 Chicago.

The police found 46 grammes of cyanide in Ray’s house, which was enough to kill over 200 people. They arrested him and charged him with conspiracy and murder for hire.

Ray spent seven months in jail before he decided to work with the FBI. He said that Steve planned Nick’s murder and the attempts on the lives of the Adonis dancers.

Who Killed Nick De Noia?

After Nick’s success with the Chippendales Tour, it is said that Steve wanted to kill him. So, Steve got in touch with Ray, and Ray hired Gilberto Rivera Lopez as a partner. Nick was shot by Gilberto Rivera Lopez, but Ray was also at the Chippendales’ office in New York when the murder happened.

According to ABC7 Chicago, Ray was released from jail because his kidneys were failing and he required treatment. Ray then tried several times to get Steve to admit on tape that he had done something wrong.

But he didn’t get anywhere until he pretended to be a runaway criminal overseas and met Steve in Zurich, Switzerland. The outlet says that Steve said he planned Nick’s murder in a hotel room, where the FBI could record him from the room next door. In September 1993, Steve was finally caught.

Where Is Killer Now?

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According to ABC 7 Chicago, Gilberto Rivera Lopez was found guilty of second-degree murder and given a jail sentence of 25 years to life. It’s not clear where he will be in 2022, though.

The Los Angeles Times says that Steve pleaded guilty to racketeering in July 1994 and then hung himself in his jail cell before he was sentenced in October of the same year.

Ray also pleaded guilty to conspiracy and hiring someone to kill, and he was given a 15-year sentence at first. But because he helped the FBI, he only had to serve two and a half years. In June 1996, he was set free. The outlet says that not many people know where he is now.

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