Who Is Shanquella Robinson? 25-year-old Charlotte Woman Who Mysteriously Died!

After conflicting reports from family and police, the death of a young woman in Mexico remains a mystery.

A Shocking Video Has Been Released Shanquella Robinson Was Assaulted At A Cabo Villa Just 24 Hours After Arriving—Here’s What You Need to Know.

Conflicting reports surround the death of Shanquella Robinson

Who Was Shanquella Robinson?

Shanquella Robinson of Charlotte, North Carolina, went to Mexico with a group of friends on October 28, 2022, but died the next day.

The 25-year-old was supposed to be in Cabo for a birthday celebration for a friend.

A distressing video that allegedly depicted a violent attack on the businesswoman has gone viral on social media.

Someone behind the camera can be heard saying, “At least fight back.”

Salamandra Robinson, her mother, told Queen City News: “she told me they had a chef.” They were preparing to eat.

“They were eating tacos or salads or something, and I said, ‘OK.'” I adore you. Have a nice night, and I’ll see you tomorrow.’

“I Never Said Anything To My Child Again.” She never returned home.

“She Had A Gold Heart.” She loved everyone, and she was loved by almost everyone.”

What Happened To Shanquella Robinson?

Shanquella’s parents, Salamondra and Bernard, have been told that their daughter died from drinking too much.

But the mystery deepens as the family claims she died of a “broken neck and cracked spine in the back.”

Salamondra recalled Robinson’s friends’ panicked call: “They said she wasn’t feeling well.” She was poisoned by alcohol.

“They couldn’t get a pulse because everyone who was with her was telling different stories.”

“When the autopsy results came back, they said it had nothing to do with the alcohol,” Salamondra explained.

“[They] said she had a broken neck and a cracked spine in the back.” “She’d been thrashed.”

Even though there has been no official word about Shanquella’s injuries, people are starting to guess why the horrible video was posted.

However, US State Department officials in Mexico deny any wrongdoing.

Several clips show Shanquella’s friends encouraging the attacker rather than defending her.

The six friends have all deleted their social media accounts since the video went viral, according to the North Carolina Beat.

Twitter users launched a campaign to bring those involved to justice in response to the video.