Who Is Cardi B’s Husband Offset: Are Cardi And Offset Still Married? 

cardi b husband
cardi b husband

In this article, you’ll find out a few details about the rapper Cardi B, as well as learn more about how she met her now ex-husband Offset, and get some insight into rumors that they are still married.

In September 2017, Cardi and Offset got married. She filed for divorce for a short time last year, but the couple has since worked out their problems. Together, Cardi B and Offset are better than ever.

Cardi B told the hosts of EDaily !’s Pop that she’s “happy” that she and her husband Offset have been able to work through some of their biggest problems as a couple. (She filed for divorce for a short time in September.)

“We had to deal with a few problems. You need to learn more about each other “said the 29-year-old. “I feel like I’ve never been happier.”

She said, “I feel like, not just because we are married, but also because of how close our family is and how well we get along. “I’ve got your back, and you’ve got mine.” It’s never been stronger.”

Then, Cardi B made a joke about how she “ruined it” for the girl who could have been Offset’s next girlfriend.

The singer said that Offset has been a very “hands-on” father during her Friday appearance on Good Morning America. (They have a 3-year-old daughter named Kulture Kiari and a 2-month-old son who hasn’t been named yet. From previous relationships, the Migos rapper is also the father of Kalea, 6, Kody, 6, and Jordan, 11.

During the interview, Cardi B said, “He is very hands-on.” “He just gets too close sometimes. I be like, ‘Listen, I got it. I also know what to do. This is no longer my first rodeo,’ “she joked.

Last year, the rap star said that she filed for divorce from Offset to teach him a “f—ing lesson.”

At the time, the rapper said that their marriage problems were just “normal relationship stuff.” She later admitted that she filed for divorce to teach Kulture Kiari’s father a lesson.

“I could file for divorce if I wanted to go to great lengths to teach an n— a lesson,” she said. “It’s what I do. I’m not getting no f—ing abuse.”

“If we work things out, we sit down and work things out, and I tell an n— what I don’t like and what I want to change, and he tells me what he wants me to change and what he wants me to stop doing,” the “Be Careful,” the rapper said.

Since then, they’ve had a second child and had sweet times together, like when it was her birthday recently. She called him her “romantic gangsta” in a post.

In September 2017, the rappers who had won Grammys got married.

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