George Musser Obituary: Missing 20-year-old Stillwater Man Found Dead

george musser obituary

Discover George Musser’s Obituary, the 20-Year-Old Man Who Went Missing in Stillwater, Minnesota, on a Saturday Morning and Wasn’t Found Until Christmas Day.

George Musser’s family members told Fox 9 that he had died in a statement. Even though it was below zero outside on Sunday, more than 100 people joined the search for Musser.

George Musser Missing 20-year-old Stillwater Man Found Dead

George Musser Went Missing After Visiting A Bar Musser was last seen leaving Brian’s Bar shortly after two a.m., wearing a stocking hat, dark blue pants, and a dark grey flannel shirt. “We don’t have any information after 2:20 a.m.,” said George’s cousin Emily Dalbec. He was improperly attired for the weather.

Musser left his car behind, and when he found his keys beside a dumpster, he reported them lost. On the other hand, his wallet was found in a nearby snowbank.

His mother confirmed that he had died too soon. “During this terrible time, we are putting our faith in the Lord, knowing that he has taken George to heaven,” she said. “Please Pray for Our Family,” Emily said when she told the family about Later’s death.

Nancy Musser, George Musser’s mother, said on Sunday that a search led by the community had begun. A Facebook post says that searchers gathered on the east side of the Freight House on the river in Stillwater.

George’s cousin showed up. Emily Dalbec, who is George’s cousin, asked on Facebook to “dress warm.” Because there are only two cops on duty today, this search is being done by the community. She said, “It’s very cold.” “Please search carefully, and we can’t go on private property.”

“We gave up looking for him for the night because it was too dark and we had no luck or leads.” We need whatever information anyone might have. “I’m glad you were willing to help today despite the cold weather,” she said.

George Musser Obituary

Musser’s death is still a mystery. No one knows what caused it. The things that led to his death are being looked into right now.

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