Top Spanish Destination for Brits Working Remotely

Spain is one of the best countries in the world. You can have the best lifestyle here. And if you like the sun, it’s there all year round. In Q2 2022, only 6.9% of the employed population worked remotely. And now, even more people will join the remote working club.

The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa looks promising, but there are rules. It’s not necessarily the easiest visa to get, but it has opened the door for more remote foreign workers to join the Spanish working club.

Read on to find out more.

The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa

The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa isn’t the only way to work remotely in Spain. The self-employed visa has been around for some time, but it’s more complex to get. Not saying that the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa is easy, but being licensed in Spain as a self-employed is more difficult.

Still, the requirements of the Nomad Visa are blood, sweat, and tears. But, surely one of the best ways to keep a worker motivated is to let them work abroad. Here are the requirements:

  • 200% of the Spanish national minimum wage (monthly). That’s around €2,100 per month.
  • Three months’ proof of earning that amount of money
  • A contract stating the length and terms and conditions
  • Permission by the company to work in Spain
  • A specific criminal record check (apostilled)
  • Three years experience working or a degree
  • Proof of residence in the consular district
  • Payment of the visa fee
  • Private Spanish health insurance

The list goes on, but it’s so long. You can see it here on the Spanish government website.


Madrid, Spain’s capital, is a hub of activity, and it’s also expensive. If you’re going to live here, it’s a good job you’re earning 200% of the Spanish national minimum wage. But for remote, it is good. It’s the perfect fusion of a vibrant urban lifestyle with the tranquillity needed for productivity. Well, parts of it are tranquil, and there are tons of social co-working spaces. There are also plenty of cafes with good connectivity – perhaps the constant coffee fuel will keep you working all day. The Spanish know how to make coffee.

After work, the city’s rich tapestry of art galleries, world-renowned museums, and gastronomic delights offer the perfect unwind. It’s just an all-round good vibe place to be.


Valencia is an incredible place to live. It’s known for its fiesta, paella, and history. Oh wait, this was a remote-working article. You’ll get distracted by the food and parties, too – just wait.

It’s great for working. We promise. The city’s commitment to innovation is evident in its thriving tech scene. And like the rest of the cities, there are tons of co-working spaces.

Valencia’s blend of futuristic architecture, like the City of Arts and Sciences, with its charming old town and lush gardens (the Turia gardens are incredible), provides a stimulating environment for creativity and productivity.


Barcelona is the top destination for remote working. The Spanish think foreign people are taking over, but it’s their own fault. The city is now designed for remote workers. The cosmopolitan vibe, combined with its artistic heritage and innovative spirit, is an irresistible spot for remote workers.

Again, there are tons of coworking spots to go to that keep you motivated to work.

The city’s architectural marvels, vibrant street life, and stunning beaches offer a stimulating backdrop for a remote working lifestyle – it’ll keep you there forever.

After work, the enchanting streets of Barcelona are crazy. Like all Spanish cities, there are tons of parties and things to do. If you’re going to move to Spain without knowing anybody, it’s easy to meet people.

Spain is the place to be for remote workers. It perhaps wasn’t before the Nomad Visa because it was so difficult to be here, but it is the place to be. What Spanish city would you most like to remote work from?

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