What Makes the Masters Golf Tournament Unique?

With the 2022/23 Masters tournament now veering ever closer, the overall hype and anticipation surrounding the event’s opening gameday of action is palpable with an abundance of sports fans now set to tune into the various broadcasts of the most elite golfing tournament and one of the world’s most prestigious sporting events.

Fans of the golfing scene will be marking their calendars for the 6th of April 2023 as this will mark the scheduled starting date for the opening contests of the highly coveted 2022/23 Masters tournament which is shaping up to be a barnstormer of an event, and one that will rank amongst the top competitions to watch in all of sports for this year.

The Masters has remained as arguably the sports’ most highly acclaimed and illustrious tournament with the winners claiming a prestigious Green Jacket for their performances. This honor can only be truly merited by the game’s most elite competitors.

Several high-profile and action-packed encounters have featured the sports’ most renowned names. This has allowed the competition to evolve into the world’s premier and highly anticipated golfing event, continuously attracting widespread viewership numbers from all corners of the globe.

When looking ahead to the 2022/23 rendition of the event, some various traditions and accolades have since established the Masters as one of the unique sporting events on the planet today, which may leave many sports fans with a growing interest to attend one of these tremendous yearly events.

The Green Jackets:

While winners of the tournament may also receive a trophy for their efforts (which is a depiction of the Augusta National Golf Clubhouse where the event takes place every year), the unique factor about the available honors for winning the Masters comes in the form of the prestigious Green Jackets that are handed out to the winners at the event’s conclusion.

This remains as one of the sporting world’s most impressive and highly eye-catching attires that was previously brought about back in 1937 as members of the Augusta National Golf Club wore green jackets so that they would be more recognizable to fans in attendance should they wish to ask any questions in case of any mix up between others in attendance.

Throughout the events’ long and withstanding history, this original concept has developed into one of the sport’s most unique and highly respected traditions that remains as one of the game’s greatest accolades to claim for any noteworthy competitors.

The race to gain a green jacket this season is sure to be an enticing outcome which is dubiously reflected in the latest Masters odds presented on the DraftKings sportsbook, which has Jon Rahm (+800), Rory McIlroy (+900), Scottie Scheffler (+1200), Justin Thomas (+1200) and Cameron Smith (+1200) all ranked as major contenders to win the event this spring.

It is annually hosted at the same golf course:

Unlike most other major tournaments that are often hosted at neutral or selected venues such as the Superbowl, World Cup Finals, NBA Finals or a majority of combat sports bouts, the Masters tournament is always annually hosted at the same venue which is the Augusta National Golf Club located in the US state of Georgia.

The course’s total length is upwards of 7,400 yards and has a par of 72 with the event also only being scheduled to being played in April with a grand total prize fund of $15 million.

The choice to host the Masters at the same location every year has remained a tradition since the very first event way back in 1934, with this golf club now often providing fans of the game with some of the very best golfing action that is available for viewing at any given time ahead of gameday.

The use of cellphones are prohibited:

To avoid distracting players and to give spectators the full experience of watching a live game in attendance, the ban on cellphones and cameras during the tournament is to remain in place, making this one of the few sporting events where you will be denied the opportunity to get distracted by all the latest trends on social media while watching the game you love.

While some fans have since highlighted their desires to change this rule, many of the event’s major executives will now retain this rule to prohibit any cellphone activity while attending the tournament with only limited camera presence now often being allowed.

This may seem off-putting to some who maybe sighting a chance to attend any future event, yet this is arguably the best way to enjoy any sport without the added distraction of using a mobile phone during any contest, allowing golf fans to watch all the latest developments in person without the added annoyance of filming using a mobile device, highlighting how this tournament aims to stick to its roots.

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