What Is Caturday? And Why Is It Popular On Social Media? Welcome To The ‘best Internet Holiday Ever’

What Is Caturday? And Why Is It Popular On Social Media?

Maybe you’ve seen that “Caturday” is trending on social media, and maybe you’re like the rest of us and have no idea what that is.

No worries.

With this hard news piece about what Caturday might be, we’ve got you covered. And, as it turns out, it’s about as simple as it sounds: once a month, future crazy cat ladies and dudes flood social media platforms like Twitter with photographs of their cats looking all sweet, cuddly, and mischievous.

And Caturday has been around for a while, with an item in Urban Dictionary dating back to 2008 referring to it as “the greatest holiday on the internet.”

So, perhaps you already knew what Caturday was.

Saturday, Jan. 22 — is obviously a big-time Caturday because the hashtag #Caturday is trending on Twitter, and there are cats everywhere. So, if you want to go look at some cool and awesome cat pictures – why is it that our culture like doing this? — today is your lucky day. And, if you want to garner your cat some social media love, see what kind of ridiculous stance you can catch them in today and snap a shot for the world to see; there’s bound to be a large audience for it.

Alternatively, you can recognize that cats are genuinely unpleasant creatures that may wish to kill and eat you. There have been various studies published in which scientists concluded that the things are “neurotic,” “unstable,” and that if they were large enough, they would eat you without hesitation.

It’s a disturbing insight into what’s going through your furry friend’s mind as it gratefully mauls whatever feathered toy you purchased at the animal store on your last shopping trip.


What exactly does Caturday mean?

Saturday \s(Internet slang) (Internet slang) Saturday is the day of the week for publishing lolcats and other cat images.

Is it Caturday?

Today, also known as International Cat Day, is colloquially referred to as Caturday. Every year on August 8, cat owners and lovers commemorate International Cat Day by paying tribute to their feline pals.

Who initiated Caturday?

Sparkle began writing on this blog in early 2003. Max the Psychokitty started his blog the same year, and several other blogging cats followed suit. This places the first blogging cats at least a couple of years before Caturday. Every day is Caturday if you’re a cat.

When did Caturday become popular?

Caturday was born on the website 4Chan. On Saturdays, it began as a venue to swap cat photographs and memes (Caturday). Caturday has existed since 2005.

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