6 Ways to Resolve the Ongoing Teacher Shortage Crisis [2022]

Ongoing Teacher Shortage Crisis
Ongoing Teacher Shortage Crisis

US is currently witnessing the biggest teacher shortage crisis of all time.

According to NEA, there are 567,000 fewer public school teachers than before the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the country.

This shortage has resulted in many rural schools switching to 4-days a week. For example, US states like Florida and Arizona are requesting veterans and college students (despite their lack of experience in teaching) to step up and teach children.

Is this enough?

Not at all?

That’s why some US states have started implementing some strategies entirely focused on reducing the catastrophic teacher shortage. Let’s discuss them first –

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Creative Strategies Focused to Reduce US Teacher Shortage


California residents who have taken up the approved college course are now allowed to skip necessary basic skill tests and subject matter tests.

New Mexico

The New Mexico government is now introducing a portfolio to demonstrate teaching competency in place of the subject skills tests.


Oklahoma State teachers were required to give general education tests for their certification. However, because of the massive teacher shortage, they have removed this requirement for the time being.


Prospective teacher candidates in Missouri had to work on their overall grades. However, now you’re only required to present grades in your selected courses.


Do you reside in Alabama and recently took the teacher certification test?

Don’t be disappointed if you’ve scored below the cutoff, as the Alabama state government now allows candidates to still get their teacher’s license.


Students currently enrolled in a college and don’t hold a degree are now allowed to begin teaching at Arizona State.

Once again –  Will This Be Enough?

Is this enough to deal with the Nationwide Teacher Shortage before the 2022-2023 school year?

Not at all.

On paper, these creative strategies can bring in some new teachers but at what cost?

By disrespecting a profession?

Instead of doing all these shenanigans, US state governments should do things


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What Should Be Done to Solve the Ongoing Teacher Shortage Crisis?

Increase Teacher’s Salary

Increasing a teacher’s salary is the most obvious solution to the ongoing teacher shortage crisis.

Well, not just increase their salary but promise a certain percentage of raise yearly.

This will allow teachers to stay at their job and new prospects to apply for the teaching profession.

Teachers quitting their job do not feel valued at their job, and a high pay raise will help solve the ongoing Teacher Shortage Crisis.

Give Teachers Additional Benefits

There’s high inflation all over the United States. And with the Cost of Living getting expensive every year, teachers lack safety and basic necessities at their job.

So, with the inclusion of additional pension benefits and health benefits, teachers can once again feel secure in their job.

Hire more teachers to Manage Workload.

Many schools are overcrowded with students for efficient teaching. Even in affluent schools, instructors educate 25–30 students in 20-person courses. Additional teachers help in reducing their overall workload.

Provide Assistants to Teachers

Give instructors help to emphasize class planning instead of cutting/prepping/grading/sorting/managing conduct.

If they’ve to print an assignment for the students, they shouldn’t wait for hours in front of a faulty printer and waste their precious time.

Change the Power Dynamic

Don’t micromanage teachers. Restore principals’ authority. The dictatorship of school admin damages the teaching profession.

Allow Teachers to Discipline Misbehaving Kids

Discipline misbehaving, teacher-hating kids. I realize there are corrupt and abusive professors, but I’ve seen deeper instability in schools where students know their behaviors have no repercussions. I’m sure those kids’ personal lives weren’t fantastic, but the school can’t repair that.

Concluding Thoughts

Teachers cannot fix the teacher shortage.

Only politicians running the congress can fix the teacher shortage problem by addressing the issues that matter to teachers.

They can fix this by providing teachers with a competitive professional salary and some necessary health and pension benefits.

That’s all for now.

What are your views on this rising Teacher Shortage problem in the United States? Do you agree with me?

Or are there any suggestions you would like to share with us?

If there are, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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