Dog Hijacks Family Tiktok Dance In Hilarious Video

dog hijacks family tiktok
dog hijacks family tiktok

Due to their misbehaving dog, a family attempting a famous viral TikTok dance ended up gaining internet celebrity for entirely different reasons.

W.C. Fields, a writer, and comedian, famously quipped, “Never work with children or animals.” Fields may have died more than 70 years ago, but if the video shared on TikTok by Marti Valenzuela from Mexico is any indication, that old adage still holds true.

Her family attempted to complete a popular dance routine to the tune of “My Name Is,” a song by children’s entertainer D Billions, in the video, which has been viewed over 43 million times.

Four persons must line up and announce themselves as Chicky, Cha-Cha, Boom-Boom, and La-La as part of the challenge. Whenever one of the characters’ names is mentioned in the song, the person assigned to that character steps forward and dances.

So far, so simple, yet the existence of a dog was probably overlooked by D Billions and the many thousands who have already performed the dance. Marti Valenzuela shared the humorous pet video, which has been seen over 43 million times on social media.

Dogs’ behavior has been found to be influenced by music.

Researchers from the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the University of Glasgow discovered that when music was played, dogs spent “much more time resting and significantly less time upright.”

Scientists also analyzed the dogs’ heart rates as part of the study, with the results revealing that when music was played, the dogs’ stress levels decreased.

The dogs were exposed to music from a variety of genres, with reggae and soft rock providing the greatest positive behavioral improvements, according to the researchers.

Perhaps this helps to explain Valenzuela’s dog’s reaction in the video— this beloved pooch is clearly not a fan of D Billions. Valenzuela attempts to fulfill the dance challenge with her younger sister, Nicolas, and an unidentified friend or family member in the video.

Things go according to plan at first, with Valenzuela and her brother effortlessly executing the Chicky and Cha-Cha sections of the song.

The problems emerge when their dog gets involved. When the curious canine’s attempts to chew on Valenzuela’s jeans are denied, they divert their attention to the tiny youngster.

It’s all chaos from there, with the young girl attempting and failing to imitate Boom-Boom while the dog nips at her heels.

She falls to the ground multiple times, with the dog nipping and licking at her in a mostly playful manner. Despite her illness, all three of the adults in the video continue to do the TikTok dance, clearly determined to follow the old adage that “the show must go on.”

Valenzuela ultimately steps in to assist the young girl, but the dog is soon back on her tail and terrorizes her for the rest of the video. Valenzuela and her brother are trying to keep from giggling at the escalating pandemonium by the conclusion, and they are not alone in this.

hjgemma remarked, “I’ve never laughed this hard at a Tik Tok.” Chris Clemens stated, “I’m in tears.” Anittan agreed, saying, “Haven’t laughed this much in my life.” “I have never laughed harder,” Tamyra Meadows said, while Irene Barrios said, “I was having a rough day at work but this changed my day!!”

Melanna83 thought it was humorous because the girl “kept participating while being attacked,” but yusleidiii said Valenzuela “pulled her up and she got attacked again.”

“Even though she was ‘attacked,’ she never stopped to do the “boom boom” portion she tried her best,” Vaniaraigosas1 said, while g0ttaluv. Kim added, “Poor kid was battling for her life the whole time and still tried.”

Valenzuela might reconsider doing another dancing routine in front of her dog. However, considering the reaction to this video, she might not.

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