Emory Nurses Make Fun Of Patients On Tiktok

According to reports, several labour and delivery nurses were fired due to a contentious video.

When Emory University Hospital Midtown’s labour and delivery nurses used Tiktok to disparage patient behavior, it caused a social media uproar.

In a 60-second video posted this week that has been watched over 100,000 times, four nurses talk about their “icks,” or pet peeves, that come up when they work with patients and their families.

“What irritates me is when you come in for your induction and ask, “Can I take a shower and eat?”

“It irritates me when you ask how much the baby weighs while it’s still in your hands.”

“when you’ve already been told to push the call light but your family member comes to the front desk every five minutes requesting something else”

Another ick is when you pass one baby mama and your other baby mama while moving from room to room.

Emory Healthcare said in an email that there is a social media policy that employees must follow.

In A Statement Published Via Twitter Earlier Today, The Health Care System Indicated The Nurses Shown In The Video Had Been Fired, Referring To Them As “Former Employees” And Describing Their Comments On Tiktok As “Disrespectful And Unprofessional.”

This video “fails to uphold the values and standards we expect every member of our team to hold and demonstrate,” the statement continues. “This Video Does Not Represent Our Commitment to Patient- and Family-Centered Care.” “Our patients should never feel that they are not receiving the care and respect they deserve at any time.”

Users of Tiktok also made it clear that they disapproved. Lists of patients’ own pet peeves were among the 4,000 comments the video received.

One says, “My ick is when people who work in healthcare don’t have compassion for people.”

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