Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 21 Release Date Status And Time, Spoiler, Recap, Promo

Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 21 Release Date Status.
Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 21 Release Date.

Season 5 Episode 21 of Young Sheldon will air shortly. The majority of fans have been eagerly awaiting the release date, time, cast, and other facts about Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 21. On this page, we’ve updated all of the information regarding Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 21.

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Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 21 Release Date And Time

Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 21 Release Date

The fifth season finale of Young Sheldon will Release on CBS on Thursday, May 12, 2022 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT). If you missed the broadcast or are a cord-cutter, you may stream the programme on the CBS website.

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Young Sheldon Season 5 Episodes List

Episodes Name Dates
1 One Bad Night and Chaos of Selfish Desires  Oct 7, 2021
2 Snoopin’ Around and the Wonder Twins of Atheism  Oct 14, 2021
3 Potential Energy and Hooch on a Park Bench  Oct 21, 2021
4 Pish Posh and a Secret Back Room  Oct 28, 2021
5 Stuffed Animals and A Sweet Southern Syzygy  Nov 4, 2021
6 Money Laundering and a Cascade of Hormones  Nov 11, 2021
7 An Introduction to Engineering and a Glob of Hair Gel  Nov 18, 2021
8 The Grand Chancellor and a Den of Sin  Dec 2, 2021
9 The Yips and an Oddly Hypnotic Bohemian  Dec 9, 2021
10 An Expensive Glitch and a Goof-Off Room  Jan 6, 2022
11 A Lock-In, a Weather Girl and a Disgusting Habit  Jan 13, 2022
12 A Pink Cadillac and a Glorious Tribal Dance  Jan 20, 2022
13 A Lot of Band-Aids and the Cooper Surrender  Jan 27, 2022
14 A Free Scratcher and Feminine Wiles  Feb 24, 2022
15 A Lobster, an Armadillo and a Way Bigger Number  Mar 3, 2022
16 A Suitcase Full of Cash and a Yellow Clown Car  Mar 10, 2022
17 A Solo Peanut, a Social Butterfly and the Truth  Mar 31, 2022
18 Babies, Lies and a Resplendent Cannoli  Apr 14, 2022
19 A God-Fearin’ Baptist and a Hot Trophy Husband  Apr 21, 2022
20 Uncle Sheldon and a Hormonal Firecracker  Apr 28, 2022
21 White Trash, Holy Rollers and Punching People  May 12, 2022

Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 21 Cast

  • Sheldon is played by Iain Armitage.
  • Mary is played by Zoe Perry.
  • George Sr. is played by Lance Barber.
  • Meemaw is played by Annie Potts.
  • Geogie is played by Montana Jordan
  • Missy is played by Raegan Revord.
  • Pastor is played Matt Hobby Jeff
  • Adult Sheldon played by Jim Parsons

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Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 20 Recap

George Sr. had informed his wife that her church would not be concerned about Georgie having an unmarried child. Last week’s family supper resulted in an open discussion about the Coopers’ difficult marriage, so Mary wasn’t exactly welcoming.

She eventually confessed in Rob, who offered her the same advice her husband had. George wasn’t surprised to find that his wife had contacted Rob afterwards. He scoffed and then pointed out that Mary currently spends a lot of time dating Rob. When Sr. realised Rob’s counsel was identical to his own, he grew upset.

Mary tells her twins about being Georgie’s father and is requested to keep it a secret from them. Not long after, Mary’s worst nightmare came true. Mandy’s pregnancy was well-known prior to her weekly Bible study.

Her initial reaction when no one showed up was to call Rob. By the end of the episode, the entire Cooper family was aware of Georgie and Mandy’s predicament. George had informed Wayne, Mary had informed Rob, Sheldon had informed Professor Linkletter, and Missy had informed a fellow student.

Georgie was enraged when he realised that everyone had set their traps. He couldn’t get Mandy to return his calls, and she hadn’t told her parents she was pregnant yet, so Missy took it upon herself to apologise. She also showed faith in her brother’s capacity to parent well.

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Where To Watch Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 21?

Release date and time for Young Sheldon season 5 episode 21 is Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 8 PM ET/7 PM Central on CBS.

Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 21 Promo

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