Three Day Rule: How’s The D@ting App Doing After The Shark Tank?

Three Day Rule Shark Tank
Three Day Rule Shark Tank

In Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 25, aired May 17, 2013, entrepreneur Val Brennan pitches his new, exclusive online d@ting site, Three Day Rule. The name of the business is a bit of a jab at one of the dating rules in the famous book The Rules.

One of the rules says that you should wait three days before calling someone you just met that you’re interested in dating. Brennan wanted to make a dating site beyond the “game playing” that most other sites promote.

She understood that people who work hard don’t have time for games or the usual “bar scene.” 20 percent of people in a new, serious relationship met on a dating site, and the Three Day Rule thinks its methods are better than the others.

Three Day Rule is only open to people who are invited, and those who want to join must pass a screening process. The goal is to make a “exceptional pool of hand-picked singles, rather than a shopping cart of complete strangers.”

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 Update: Three Days Rule Shark Tank Recap

Three Day Rule Shark Tank
Three Day Rule Shark Tank
  • Entrepreneur: Val Brennan
  • Business: Curate online dating community
  • Ask: $200,000 for 10% equity
  • Result: No deal Shark: None

In Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 25, Val Brennan goes to the shark tank to try to sell 10% of her Three Day Rule business for $200,000. She says that “busy professionals deserve a better experience” and explains how potential customers go through a process to join the site. This process filters out “fake” profiles and makes the site more appealing to people with higher incomes.

The business is “pre-revenue,” which means that the site has been up for a month but hasn’t started charging for memberships yet. These memberships will cost $100 a month, which is a lot for an online dating service, even if it claims to be exclusive. Brennan had already been running a popular offline dating service that brought in $70,000 the year before. The Three Day Rule site is expanding her business, which was already going well.

As is common, when information comes in late, the Sharks aren’t sure about it. Robert Herjavec tells Brennan, “You have the perfect answers, but they’re all based on theory.”

Mark Cuban is curious about what makes the Three Day Rule different. Brennan says that what makes her business stand out is the screening process. Cuban doesn’t think there is enough of a difference. He is gone.

Kevin O’Leary thinks that the market is too risky and has too much competition. He is gone. Daymond John goes out and says, “Never invest in a single matchmaker.”

Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec both agree that the company isn’t different enough from what’s already on the market. He is gone.

Barbara Cocoran hates the name, which is the same opinion as the other Sharks. She leaves, and the Sharks don’t make a deal with the Three Day Rule.

Three Days Rule Business Partner

Even though the Sharks weren’t interested, Brennan was able to work out a deal with to handle their matchmaking. The deal was good enough that the Three Day Rule was changed to a more traditional model with a free membership option, and the owners turned their attention back to the offline dating service already in place.

Three Day Rule Shark Tank
Three Day Rule Shark Tank

Brennen and her business partners were able to grow their matching business by working with Match while cutting back on their online services.

Three Days Rule Net Worth

Even though it took longer than three days, the Three Day Rule may have found a place in the dating world. As of December 2021, the company is still in business and has $5 million in annual revenue.

As of 2023, the Three Day Rule remains in business, with an estimated annual revenue in the millions.

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