YouTube Making Easier For Creators to Create Shorts From Longer Content

YouTube making easier for Creator

An “Edit into a Short” feature is appearing within the YouTube app.

YouTube has added a new “Edit into a Short” option to its iOS and Android apps to make it easier for producers to convert their longer films into Shorts suited for the platform’s TikTok competitor. Creators will be able to select up to 60 seconds from a video and import it into the Shorts editor directly from the YouTube app on iOS or Android. They can then add elements like as text, effects, and more films captured with the Shorts camera or from their photo bank.

In a post announcing the feature, YouTube states that the final Short will contain a link to the full video it was clipped from. This could make Shorts an ideal promotional tool for the creator’s longer content, which is a key incentive for them to participate while YouTube continues testing monetization options for the feature. If a viewer appreciates a Short generated with this tool, they would not be required to visit the creator’s channel and hunt for the entire video.

In contrast to Cut, which allows you to use five seconds from a larger video in a Short, and Clips, which may be turned into Shorts, the Edit into a Short tool cannot be used on other users’ uploads. It will only appear if you are viewing a video that you have posted.

YouTube has placed a great deal of emphasis on Shorts since launching the feature in 2020. It attempted to encourage producers to use the format by establishing a fund that compensated creators who uploaded Shorts. According to TechCrunch, the business has also been expanding its library by converting current movies to Shorts, provided they were shot vertically and lasted less than 60 seconds. YouTube reported last month that over 1.5 billion people watch Shorts each month.

According to a post on YouTube, the Edit into a Short feature will “enable you to breathe new life into your classic material” and is presently being rolled out. While it probably won’t completely replace more traditional video editing software when it comes to creating Shorts (such as when a creator wants to splice together multiple clips from the same video), it could encourage creators to look through their existing content to see if anything would work well as a Short.

One new feature for YouTube’s long-form video creators allows attribution to the original material, which is a particularly intriguing component. When a creator uses this function to extract a 60-second piece from a lengthier clip for YouTube Shorts, YouTube automatically offers a link to the original long-form video within the Shorts Player.

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