World’s Oldest Living Conjoined Twins Died In Pennsylvania!

World's Oldest Living Conjoined Twins Died In Pennsylvania
World's Oldest Living Conjoined Twins Died In Pennsylvania

In a poignant development, the world bids farewell to the longest-surviving conjoined twins. Their remarkable story, which captivated hearts globally, reaches its conclusion in Pennsylvania.

As we contemplate their legacy and the mysteries surrounding their passing, let’s embark on an exploration to understand the circumstances and celebrate the extraordinary lives of these individuals.

World’s Oldest Living Conjoined Twins Died In Pennsylvania

George and Lori Schappell died at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. The twins overcame forecasts that they would not survive past the age of thirty, despite having merged capabilities and sharing a portion of their brain and important blood veins.

They were born as conjoined twin girls, and when George came out as transgender in 2007, they also became the first set of conjoined twins of the same sex to identify as different genders.

They died on April 7th, but the cause of their deaths is yet unknown. They were the world’s oldest conjoined twins to remain alive as of 2022.

According to their obituaries, which were released by Pennsylvania-based Leibensperger Funeral Homes, the twins, who had lived independently since the age of 24, traveled extensively and managed to follow different interests. George became a successful country singer, while Lori became a trophy-winning ten-pin bowler.

World's Oldest Living Conjoined Twins Died In Pennsylvania
World’s Oldest Living Conjoined Twins Died In Pennsylvania

In addition, Lori worked in a laundry while juggling George’s performance schedule, which included trips to Germany and Japan. Despite having spina bifida, Lori assisted her able-bodied brother in using a wheelchair.

Guinness World Records posted a tribute on Twitter, “Guinness World Records are saddened to learn of the passing of Lori and George Schappell, the world’s oldest conjoined twins. George enjoyed a successful career as a country singer, whilst Lori was a trophy-winning ten-pin bowler.”

According to their obituaries, they had made several appearances in talk shows, documentaries, and even a Nip/Tuck episode.

The two expressed their wish to remain together on multiple occasions. In 1997, George said in a documentary, “Would we be separated? Absolutely not. My theory is: why fix what is not broken?”

Their father, six siblings, several nieces and nephews, and numerous friends survive the siblings.

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