Who Is Crystal Williams? Former Lizzo Back Up Dancer And Pageant Winner

Who Is Crystal Williams?
Who Is Crystal Williams?

Crystal Williams is a reality television star, online celebrity, and pageant winner. She is best known for her role as a dancer for the band Lizzo and her appearances on the show. Let’s take a peek into the life of the dancer, starting with her Instagram profile and moving on to her profession traveling with Lizzo and her studies.

Who is Crystal Williams?

Houston, Texas native Crystal Williams was a dancer for the band Lizzo in the past. Stomping was one of the components of the praise team at her church, where she got her start in dance when she was in the fifth grade. After that, she became a member of the drill teams at her school and entered dance studios.

Crystal received her education from Sam Houston State University, where she majored in public communication. The dancer also maintains a sizable following on several social media platforms. She has almost 24,000 people following her on Instagram, where she posts under the account @cryssiedenise. Followers get a variety of posts from her, including photos, selfies, and videos of her dancing.

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Crystal Began Dancing With Lizzo

Crystal sent a demo reel in response to a casting call for dancers that was posted by Lizzo on one of her social media platforms.

Crystal told her alma mater: “I thought maybe this is a sign. I did my video submission and everything, I put together a little montage video. My mass comm degree really popped out with that one because it was a nice audition video, I had two different slides going on while I was talking about myself.”

She was cast in the Emmy-winning TV series Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls and began dancing for the pop star straight away, instead of continuing the audition process through the reality show.

Speaking about touring, Crystal said: “It’s really fun to travel to different places in other parts of the world because I was only restricted to seeing Texas.

“I’m just happy to experience this because I didn’t know that this was a thing for anybody like me, so it’s definitely a blessing.”

On May 5th, Crystal announced on social media that she was no longer touring.


Crystal Williams Is a Pageant Winner

Crystal won the Ms. Black and Gold Pageant held by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. while in college. In her junior year, she also competed in the Miss Sam Houston Pageant but did not win.

Crystal believes that participating in events like these is vital because “when it comes to stuff like that, you don’t see women of color, especially plus-size women of color”.

“If I want to see change, I believe that you should at least try to be the change that you want to see,” she said, “so hopefully I inspired somebody to try to break down doors.” Even if you don’t stand a chance of winning, putting oneself out there in that way helps people to see your representation.” You can follow us on our website The Current Online for more updates.

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