What Mike Pence Say? He Is Very Offended By Vivek Ramaswamy ‘Truth’ Claim About 9/11

What Mike Pence Say?
What Mike Pence Say?

Former Vice President Mike Pence said he was “deeply offended” by Vivek Ramaswamy’s “conspiracy theories” after his fellow Republican presidential contender questioned the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Pence attacked Ramaswamy for telling conservative Blaze TV’s Alex Stein that the government “hasn’t told us the truth” about the terror attacks and that he doesn’t believe the 9/11 Commission in comments to New Hampshire’s Union Leader newspaper.

Pence stated that Ramaswamy, 38, “was probably in grade school” on 9/11 while on Capitol Hill.

“I think comments like that, conspiracy theories like that, dishonor the service and sacrifice of our armed forces who fought against our enemies determined to kill us,” Pence said.

What Mike Pence Say?

Vivek Ramaswamy Reacts To Trump Indictmnet

Ramaswamy, a biotech entrepreneur who has promised to pardon Donald Trump if elected, said there was “no evidence to suggest” the moon landing was a hoax before responding to Stein’s query about whether 9/11 “was an inside job or exactly what the government tells us.”

“I don’t believe the government has told us the truth,” Ramaswamy said. “Again, I’m driven by evidence and data. What I’ve seen in the last several years is we have to be skeptical of what the government does tell us.”

“I haven’t seen evidence to the contrary, but do I believe everything the government told us about it? Absolutely not. Do I believe the 9/11 Commission? Absolutely not.” Stein added, “Yeah, the 9/11 Commission lied.”

It’s not the first time Ramaswamy has expressed interest in conspiracy theories. According to Mediaite, CNN’s Jake Tapper chastised him last month for making assertions regarding the Federal Reserve.

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What Mike Pence Say?

Ramaswamy, in a post on X (Twitter’s rebranding) addressing his 9/11 remarks, appeared to refer to an FBI report declassified in 2021 that describes an encounter between a Saudi government employee and hijackers that “was once portrayed as a chance meeting” and is now “as a preplanned, well-orchestrated event,” according to NPR.

The records, according to Ramaswamy, “definitively reveal the government lied to the public about basic facts of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in 9/11.” He continued by claiming that the government is lying about COVID-19, Hunter Biden, and the Nashville school shooter. Like 9/11, all three have become popular subjects for conspiracy theories. Follow us on our website The Current Online for more updates.

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