Video Calling Feature Coming Soon To Twitter

Video Calling Feature Coming Soon To Twitter
Video Calling Feature Coming Soon To Twitter

There have been a number of contentious updates to Twitter in 2023, including rate limitations and Twitter Blue, both of which have been met with resistance from a sizeable percentage of the platform’s user base. Despite this, Twitter continues to explore the potential of new features, especially in light of the fact that it faces competition from other platforms such as Threads and Bluesky.

Now, one of Twitter’s designers has offered a sneak peek at an early version of a new voice and video chat feature that is expected to be added to the social media app in the near future. In this article, You can read about The Twitter Shows Off Voice And Video Call Features.

Twitter Shows Off Voice And Video Call Features

The teaser image was posted to Twitter by Andrea Conway, a member of the design team for the social media site. Andrea Conway is also a user of Twitter.

The Twitter designer sent out a straightforward “ring ring” tweet, which was accompanied by two screenshots that depicted what it may look like to use the new function. The screenshot displayed a new phone icon on the DM screen that, when tapped, would present the user with the option to either make an audio call or a video call.

The second screenshot presented an example of how a video call may appear on a mobile device such as a smartphone. The view of the caller would appear in a very small window on the caller’s own device, while the view of the callee would take up the majority of the screen for the person who was receiving the call.

Video Calling Feature Coming Soon To Twitter

At the very bottom of the display were icons for a slider to adjust the volume, a microphone, a camera, and a button to hang up the call. Conway did take to the answers to confirm a few additional specifics, but unfortunately, there is still a lack of information regarding when the feature will be launched.

Conway answered a concerned Twitter user who wrote, “Omg no please tell me not everyone on my dms will be able to call,” by saying, “lol no not if you don’t want them to, there will be settings.” The person had tweeted, “Omg no please tell me not everyone on my dms will be able to call.”

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Twitter users will just have to sit tight for the time being and Follow us The Current Online and wait for additional information regarding this forthcoming feature.

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