University Of Kentucky Dancer Dies Of Bone Cancer At 20!

University Of Kentucky Dancer Dies Of Bone Cancer At 20
University Of Kentucky Dancer Dies Of Bone Cancer At 20

In a heartbreaking turn of events, the University of Kentucky community mourns the loss of one of its own as a talented dancer succumbs to bone cancer at the tender age of 20. As the somber news spreads, hearts ache with the weight of this profound loss. Join us as we honor the memory of this young soul and delve into the details surrounding his death!!

University Of Kentucky Dancer Dies Of Bone Cancer At 20

Dancer Kate Kaufling of the University of Kentucky passed away following a battle with a type of bone cancer, the sports department announced. She was twenty years old.

According to a GoFundMe website, the college sophomore and member of the dance team was only weeks away from discovering a few bumps and enlarged lymph nodes when she was informed that she had osteosarcoma last June. On Sunday, she passed away.

The university’s executive associate athletics director, Sandy Bell, stated in a department news release that “Kate was not only a gifted dancer, but also an amazing student, in the College of Nursing, who took her academics very seriously. Even during her cancer treatments, Kate kept up with her studies, setting an amazing example for her teammates.”

University Of Kentucky Dancer Dies Of Bone Cancer At 20
University Of Kentucky Dancer Dies Of Bone Cancer At 20

According to the news release, Kaufling’s head coach Dawn Walters noted that her teammates adored her and that she had a smile that could light up a room.

Walters said, “We are all saddened by Kate’s passing. We will remember her for the tough battle she fought with osteosarcoma over the past year. She was brave until the very end and all of us can draw inspiration from the courageous battle that she fought.”

Kaufling And Her Twin Sister Joined The Team

According to the press statement, Kaufling and her twin sister Abbey joined the dancing team in the autumn of 2023.

The performer was photographed by sports photographer Mont Dawson, who posted the images to Facebook in the hopes that they would provide her family “some peace and comfort and a reminder of the good times with our precious Kate Kaufling.”

Following her diagnosis in June of last year, Sydney Lanham, a friend of Kaufling’s, commented on Facebook, “The drive, motivation, and balance she had for her extremely busy lifestyle absolutely fascinated me. Not a day would go by during the school year where Kate would slack or take off.”

“Kate’s Krew – Kate’s Fight Against Osteosarcoma” was a private Facebook community that raised support for Kaufling during her battle.

As of Monday, the UK Athletics said that the funeral plans are still pending. Her parents, Holly and Steve Kaufling, also survive her.

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