Youtuber Savannah Labrant Reports The 29-year-old Death Of Her Daughter’s Father

tommy smith cause of death
tommy smith cause of death

Influencers Savannah Rose and Cole LaBrant often talk about their lives on the popular YouTube account they started in 2017. In each video, the young couple talks honestly about their marriage, their strong Christian faith, and raising their four children, Everleigh, Posie, Zealand, and Sunday.

Fans of “The LaBrant Family” already know that Savannah and Cole met when Savannah was raising her daughter Everleigh on her own. When the influencer was in high school, she met Tommy Smith, who later became Everleigh’s father.

Over time, Savannah talked about how she and Tommy raised Everleigh together and how their families became one. She also told the public about a family tragedy by saying that Tommy had died at the age of 29. Since Tommy died, some LaBrant family fans want to know what went on.

What Caused Tommy Smith’s Death?

Before he died, Tommy lived in Orange County, California. The father of one was said to have been in California when he died. Tommy’s girlfriend, Courtney Santaella, wrote a touching post about the musician in September 2022. She also confirmed that he had died on Friday, September 9, 2022.

“9/9/22, you were taken by surprise to be with Jesus,” she wrote in a long, heartfelt post. “Writing this makes my heart break into a million pieces. I’m speechless and can’t think of anything to say except that I wish this was all a bad dream. I do know that I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if it weren’t for you.”

Courtney has talked about how sad it was to lose Tommy, but she hasn’t said how he died yet. But on TikTok, people talked about the news of his death. TikTok @daisyjanewood said she read online that he died from a seizure caused by drugs.

Daisy read that Tommy and one of his friends from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) accidentally took fentanyl, which caused them to have seizures and cause their hearts to stop beating. Other people have also said that fentanyl killed Tommy, but we don’t have his official autopsy report.

Savannah Labrant Briefly Described Her Relationship With Tommy Smith On Her Youtube Channel.

Tommy seemed to want to stay out of the public eye, but his ties to Savannah let people find out who he was. In the 2018 video “The Truth About Savannah’s Past,” made by the LaBrant family, Savannah talked about her childhood and how she became a mom at age 19.

During the video, Savannah and Cole talked about her relationship with Tommy, which happened several years before the two met and got married. Savannah said that even after she had Everleigh, her relationship with Tommy was “toxic.”

When they finally broke up, Savannah said she and Tommy found a good way to raise their kids together and became “friends.” Cole also said that Tommy was “great” with Everleigh and liked to spend as much time as he could with her.

A few days after her ex’s death, Savannah also said many nice things about him. She posted a picture of Tommy and Everleigh on Instagram on September 14, 2022, but asked for privacy because her family was going through a hard time. She also said that Tommy “really loved Everleigh a lot.”

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