Three Young Girls Arrested for Fatal Assault On Disabled Man In Washington DC!

Three Young Girls Arrested for Fatal Assault On Disabled Man
Three Young Girls Arrested for Fatal Assault On Disabled Man

In Washington DC this week, authorities made a disturbing arrest involving three young individuals, aged 12 and 13, for their alleged involvement in a harrowing incident that occurred back in 2023.

According to reports, these individuals were accused of carrying out a brutal attack on a disabled man named Reggie Brown, resulting in his tragic death.

The incident, which took place on October 17th during the late hours of the night, was described by detectives as horrific. Surveillance footage captured the shocking events as a group of five girls pursued the 64-year-old victim through an alley.

Three Young Girls Arrested for Fatal Assault on Disabled Man

In the distressing video, the victim is seen desperately attempting to escape as the assailants tear him off a chain link fence.

The details of the attack are deeply troubling, as it depicts a senseless act of violence against a vulnerable individual. The arrest of the three young suspects serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing and preventing such acts within our communities.

According to testimony in court reported by the Washington Post, a group of individuals viciously attacked a man, stomping on his head and then using his own belt to beat him after pulling his pants down.

The group allegedly laughed as the victim, Brown, began bleeding from his head, with one of them even exclaiming, “He’s leaking!” Sadly, Brown was found dead, with injuries consistent with a severe assault.

Brown, described as disabled with mental health issues, had lived in the community for 64 years, making the incident even more tragic. Detective Harry Singleton testified that a man in his early twenties initiated the attack by throwing Brown against a brick wall, prompting one of the girls to ask if she could fight him.

The attack was filmed by one of the girls on her cellphone as another pulled Brown off the fence and used his belt against him. Investigators highlighted that the girls didn’t know Brown and are still probing whether the man who initiated the fight did.

The situation took a further grim turn when one of the girls was shot in her apartment later that night. She sustained a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to her leg. Two young people were seen fleeing from the scene, and later the pre-teen and another girl were arrested.

Despite having no prior arrests, all three face serious charges including second-degree murder, with the case being tried in juvenile court.

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