Teenager Who killed A Suspected Rapist Escapes Custody!

Teenager Who killed A Suspected Rapist Escapes Custody!
Teenager Who killed A Suspected Rapist Escapes Custody!

Teenager Who killed A Suspected Rapist Escapes Custody: Reports indicate that on Friday, a 15-year-old Iowa sex trafficking victim who had previously pleaded guilty to manslaughter for killing her alleged rapist had escaped custody, in violation of the correctional facility probation she was ordered to serve.

Teenager Who killed A Suspected Rapist Escapes Custody!

Following this alleged probation violation, Pieper Lewis, now 18, faces up to twenty years in prison. The Des Moines Register stated that a warrant has been issued for her arrest by the appropriate authorities.

Lewis admitted to stabbing Zachary Brooks to death out of anger in June 2020 and pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter and willful injury. The newspaper reports that Lewis claimed Brooks, 37, sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions.

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Neither the prosecution nor the police has denied Lewis’s claims of sexual assault and trafficking.

The prosecution argued that Brooks did not pose any threat to Lewis at the time of the stabbing because he was asleep. Not even the most basic form of legal protection for victims of human trafficking exists in Iowa, in contrast to dozens of other US states.

The Register stated in September that Lewis was sentenced to five years of probation to be served in a women’s correctional facility by Judge David M Porter.

As the sentence was a deferred judgment, Lewis faces up to 20 years in prison if she is found to have violated the terms of her probation, as reported by the newspaper. Lewis’s deferred judgment and “original sentence” were reportedly revoked and reinstated by probation authorities after her alleged escape.

It is believed that Lewis’s escape attempt took place on Friday morning at 6 a.m. local time. Alarms went off when a door was opened at the female prison. The Register reports that a guard at the facility witnessed Lewis leaving.

Officials from Lewis’s probation service claimed in a report that the GPS tracking device had been disconnected from Lewis on Friday. There were reportedly four hours when Lewis was unaccounted for over the course of three weeks, and she had been cited for multiple violations, including not taking a direct bus route back to the facility.

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It wasn’t just the fact that Lewis was a victim of human trafficking that caused her sentence to be met with outrage. The court also ordered her to pay $150,000 in restitution to Brooks’s family. Because of an Iowa law that makes restitution mandatory in such cases, Porter stated that “this court is presented with no other option.”

The restitution was paid for so that she wouldn’t have to be responsible for it by the generous donors to a GoFundMe page. Leland Schipper, one of Lewis’s former teachers and the campaign’s organizer, said, “I am overjoyed with the prospect of removing this burden from Pieper.” The family of the rapist should never be financially responsible for the victim.

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