Is Swaggersoul’s Face Revealed By His Fan? Net Worth And More

swaggersouls face reveal
swaggersouls face reveal

The Misfits podcast’s co-host and gamer SwaggerSouls plays video games. He describes himself as a “S*xy hunk of a man with no face” and is currently a part of SMP Live. SwaggerSouls has amassed millions of views on his YouTube channel over six years. He engages in a variety of gaming activities and always attempts to communicate the special relationships he has with other players.

SwaggerSouls Face Reveal on YouTube

SwaggerSouls did not fully expose his face on his own accord. He has explained that he protects his safety by not revealing his face to his fans. He once said that he must always wear a knight’s helmet for his protection.

On July 7, 2018, SwaggerSouls published his one million subscriber special on YouTube, which featured a face reveal. There, he showed numerous people donning his trademark jacket and chainmail hairstyle, and the YouTuber claimed that among the many faces presented, one of them belonged to him. He added that the time has come for him to remove his helmet, but there are some things you’d rather not know.

One of his admirers highlighted a crucial point, saying that after listening to the Misfits podcast, they discovered that if a content creator or artist wants to use SwaggerSouls to disguise their faces, they are doing so for a purpose that isn’t of concern to anybody else. This means that people should respect the artist’s right to privacy and not abuse it.

SwaggerSouls’ actual face has been revealed, thanks to Reddit. Furthermore, a photo purporting to be of him is placed on the abovementioned platform.

Some users observe that it is not his face but rather the face of his manager Ryan after reading some comments. On the other hand, some claim it’s the visage of a different YouTuber known as “the anime man.”

Additionally, a user expressed uncertainty that Swagger would expose his face because of the abundance of postings and photographs that claim to be him but are modified or misidentified as him.

Some online users also believed that it might be him. According to a user who compared Swagger’s facial features, the eyebrow shape, nose bridge, and eye shape appear slightly different in the airsoft battle royale video Mr. Beast published.

He attracted the interest of his followers in April 2020 with the caption that he had been instructed to expose his face to become verified on Twitter. When he took the helmet off, the dancing gif of this entirely different person appeared on the screen, disappointing many of his admirers hoping for a big revelation.

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What is the Real Name of SwaggerSouls?

Eric Vivian Matthews is the real name of SwaggerSouls. However, he is an American YouTuber, comedian, and gamer who is more known online under the name SwaggerSouls. The gamer is also well known for his videos on VRChat, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and consuming marijuana.

Additionally, SwaggerSouls is a member of the Melbourne, Victoria, Australia-based Misfits podcasting collective. He and five of his buddies created and brought together this group.

What is SwaggerSouls’ Net Worth in 2023?

swaggersouls face reveal

SwaggerSouls’s net worth range is between $500,000 to $1.2 million. He considered his estimated annual revenues of $16.6 to $266.2 and monthly earnings of $1.4 to $22.2, given his more than 4 million subscribers and cumulative views totaling more than 480 million.

How Old and Tall is SwaggerSouls?

In 2023, SwaggerSouls will be 35 years old. The YouTuber is an American citizen born on February 24, 1988. We also discovered that Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is where he currently resides.

Online reports claim that Swagger Souls was formerly situated in Idaho. Swagger seems to be a normal height and build, with an average height.

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