Ryan Jacob Cause of Death: Honoring His Committed Medical Science Liaison Legacy

Ryan Jacob Cause of Death
Ryan Jacob Cause of Death

Ryan Jacob Cause of Death: Ryan Jacob Ohara, who worked as a Medical Science Liaison at Eisai US, died abruptly over the weekend. His tragic death has left his family and friends in despair as they struggle with this unexpected and painful news.

Who was Ryan Jacob?

Ryan Jacob was the Medical Science Liaison for Eisai US. He was a wonderful man with a wide and strong career. He began his work as an emergency medicine physician assistant at High Point Medical Center, where he grew up in High Point, North Carolina.

His interest in healthcare and education led him to a position as an assistant professor of physician assistant studies at High Point University. He earned a Master of Science in Advanced Physician Assistant Studies from Wake Forest School of Medicine, an MBA from UNC Pembroke, and a Doctor of Medical Science from A. T. Still University in pursuit of academic greatness.

Ryan Jacob Cause of Death
Ryan Jacob Cause of Death

In addition, his academic career began at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, where he studied exercise and sports science. Ryan’s infectious attitude left an indelible impression on everyone he encountered. His sense of humor, support, knowledge, and competitive drive drew him to all, and he became a treasured friend.

He was noted for his altruism, compassion, and determination, which inspired everyone around him to pursue their highest ambitions and strive relentlessly to accomplish them. Ryan’s thorough planning extended to all aspects of life, from long-term career goals to mundane things like dinner plans, demonstrating his commitment to making every moment memorable.

Ryan Jacob Cause of Death

Ryan Jacob’s exact cause of death is currently unknown. We are committed to providing additional information regarding the circumstances surrounding his death as soon as they become available to the public. Branson O’Hara communicated and verified the news of his death by posting a heartfelt message on their Facebook page.

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Ryan Jacob Legacy

Ryan Jacob leaves a lasting legacy that represents his unshakable joy for life, love for his family, and commitment to his profession. His effect as a Medical Science Liaison at Eisai US, combined with his varied educational background, demonstrates a dedication to excellence in healthcare and education.

Ryan’s warm demeanor, sense of humor, and unbounded affection for people around him have left an unforgettable impression in addition to his professional accomplishments. Ryan had a deep impact on those fortunate enough to know him, as evidenced by his brother Branson’s poignant tribute on Facebook. Ryan Jacob’s legacy will continue to inspire for years to come as a reminder of the power of laughter, love, and dedication to one’s aspirations.

Obituary And Funeral Arrangements

We’re gathering to remember and honor Ryan’s life at Pugh Funeral Home on Saturday, October 14, 2023. The service will be led by Charles Moses. We’ll start by spending time with the family at 1:30 p.m., followed by a service at 3:30 p.m. Ryan loved Carolina blue and bow ties, so let’s wear them in his memory.

Ryan is survived by his parents, Patrick and Denise O’Hara from Asheboro. He was engaged to Kendall Woodlief from Raleigh. He also leaves behind his brother Branson and sister-in-law Jenny O’Hara from Seagrove, and his nephew Callen O’Hara from Seagrove.

Ryan had an uncle and aunt, Michael and Donna Morris from Denton, and many cousins whom he loved. Ryan’s close friends, colleagues, mentors, and peers meant a lot to him, and he affectionately referred to them as his “PAmily.”

Ryan was preceded in passing by his grandparents: Roby Branson and Diza Morris, William and Fay O’Hara, aunt Kyle O’Hara Young, and uncles Dennis Scott O’Hara and Kevin Stowe O’Hara. We’ll come together to cherish the memories and love he brought into our lives.

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